Stupid White Man of the Week: Estelle Gonzales Walgreen

For this lovely article on Elizabeth Warren.  Let’s just hit a few of the highlights, shall we

“Why then all the criticism and most of it coming from the Cherokee themselves? They need to lighten up!”

“Isn’t the fact Warren took on Wall Street bankers and got our credit card and over draft fees reduced, enough to make her at least an honorary Cherokee?  If the Inuit people haven’t removed the Palin’s from their membership roster, the Cherokee can find it in themselves to embrace Warren.”

And my personal favorite:

“Her critics should be grateful she didn’t take her Native American heritage and buy a casino with it or apply for contract set-asides to build bridges to nowhere.”

Wow!  Just…wow.  Was this supposed to be ironic?  Tongue in cheek?  Or does the author really think stereotypes are that funny?  As I’ve mentioned before, I like Elizabeth Warren; I hope she wins.  But with friends like these, she doesn’t need enemies.

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