A Special Message to Cong. Louie Gohmert

WARNING: The following commentary contains strong language.

You know what? FUCK YOU, Louie Gohmert! Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, you worthless piece of shit. You are a goddam disgrace to the State of Texas and the United States House of Representatives. I am ashamed that a glory-seeking vulture like you represents even one square inch of this State.  I’m even more ashamed that there are enough morons in a Congressional district to keep electing your sorry ass.  You couldn’t even wait for the bodies of these kids to get cold before you rush to a microphone to wave the bloody flag. And while I’m at it, fuck every other pundit and politician that seeks to exploit this tragedy for their agenda. SHUT THE FUCK UP!  For the love of God, please dredge up one shred of human decency from whatever y’all have in place of a soul and SHUT UP while these mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers BURY THEIR MURDERED LOVED ONES.

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  1. Amen

  2. just wanted to say:
    Google search for “Fuck You Mitt Romney” returns over 40 million results.
    Google search for “Fuck You Louie Gohmert” returns only
    158,000 results.
    This number is disproportionate considering Gohmert’s supidity. It is clear his arrogance is at an almost par level with Romney.
    We need more “Fuck You Louie Gohmert” comments and websites.
    Or maybe I should have searched “Louie Gohmert Assclown”?

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