Wes Riddle: Even Worse Than You Thought

From Mother Jones, the perhaps not-that-startling revelation that Wes Riddle is even dumber and more offensive than previously suspected.  My favorite quote from his blog:

‘In April, he penned an 800-word op-ed on thesupremacy of Western Civilization, noting, “Western civilization has produced the height of all civilizations in certain respects, to include literature. As Saul Bellow pointed out a few years ago, there ain’t a Tolstoy of the Zulus or a Proust amongst the Papuans.”‘

Saul Bellow himself said he was talking about the difference between literate and pre-literate societies, not proving that Western (a.k.a., white) civilization is superior to all others.  Something tells me the distinction is lost on Riddle.

Or there’s this winner, from February:

“[I]s another Robert E. Lee or Jeff Davis left anywhere in this unified, chained and tethered house of ours—locked down from the inside out?,” he wondered. “Is there a governor with backbone anywhere in the country to point out and even put an end to . . . (shall I name it? Are you willing to recognize it?). Tyranny.”

Yes, we can only hope there’s someone to start up a bloody armed rebellion against the central government, resulting in the hundreds of thousands of casualties.  What an idiot.

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