Lyndon Laird: Nobody’s Child

Lyndon Laird is either a “lifelong conservative Republican” who accidentally donated money to Barack Obama and accidentally ran for office as a Democrat or he’s a transparent fraud. You make the call.

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  1. And Ronald Reagan, Pick Perry, and Phil Gramm were either (1) Democrats for years (in contrast to Laird’s 4 months) whose views matured and changed and who switched to the Republican Party, or (2) were transparent frauds. You make the call. And when doing so, get all the facts and know what you are talking about.

    And Laird never voted for McCain and Romney and did donate to Greg Abbott’s gubernatorial campaign.

    • Yawn. It’s a sign of a successful campaign when the candidate is personally taking the time to respond to D-List blogs that nobody reads.

  2. Correction: Laird NEVER voted for Obama and DID vote for McCain and Romney, who opposed Obama, and contributed to Greg Abbott’s campaign.

    • Yes but how many degrees of separation is he from Kevin Bacon?

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