The Screwing Continues

  1. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the richer you are the longer you live. Conversely, the poorer you are, the quicker you die;
  2. Some rich guy thinks all that democracy and voting is getting in the way of real education “reform” (by which he means, the quick and efficient destruction of public schools);
  3. FOX “News” makes you stupid. With that in mind, non-stupid people should start voting in Republican primaries for non-stupid candidates;
  4. Joseph Sabia has a great job--getting paid to make sure that your job sucks;
  5. Nearly all of what Joseph Sabia and the “Employment Policies Institute” says about raising the minimum wage is demonstrable bullshit;
  6. For that matter, most Right Wing propaganda is bullshit. Especially the parts about how beaten-down and persecuted they all are.

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