Why I’m Voting for Hillary

Perfectly reasoned article and absolutely correct in just about every way. Absent a political miracle of Biblical proportions, Republicans will control the House after the 2016 elections. Chances are good, they’ll control it until after the 2020 redistricting. And chances are good it will be the Monster Raving Loony wing driving the clown car. In such a scenario, you don’t need a dreamer; you need a tough political infighter with a short shiv. You need someone who knows “bipartisanship ” is saying “nice doggy” while you reach behind you for a rock. That’s why I supported Hillary in 2008; unlike Obama, she had no naive illusions that Republicans were interested in anything besides epic obstructionism. Right after his election, Obama made it clear that he wouldn’t kick a man when he’s down; Hillary knows the BEST time to kick a man is when he’s down. Kick him in the balls hard enough and he won’t get back up. That’s how you do politics.

Would I prefer an actual liberal like Bernie to yet another Democratic Leisure Class, “free” trade Wall Street coddler? Hell yes! But this is politics, the art of the possible. Maybe that’s not a very hopeful or even flattering reason to support a candidate but hey, times are tough all over.

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