Reality Bites

I like Bernie Sanders. A lot. He’s blunt, honest, incorruptible, and utterly sincere.

But he’s not going to win.

And if he did win, nothing would change. The change he wants, and which I very much agree the country desperately needs, is not going to happen in the post-Citizens United era. Not. Going. To. Happen.

The only way any fundamental change will come is if a new Supreme Court abolishes the plutocracy it created. There isn’t going to be a Constitutional Amendment fix in our lifetimes. It would never pass Congress, not a chance. And the only way to get a new SCOTUS is to nominate someone who can not only win, not only carry the senate, but who has the arm-twisting realpolitik outlook it takes to get results, shorn of any sentimentality or wishful thinking. The only person who has a chance of doing that is Hillary.

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