Proposed Constitutional Amendments (A Series, Part 2)

Amendment XXIX

Section 1: The President of the United States shall be elected by the People.

Section 2: A candidate for President of the United States shall be listed on the ballot in each State or other political subdivision of the United States wherein they have filed with the appropriate authority the verified signatures of eligible voters in an amount equal to at least one percent of the total ballots cast for President in that State in the last presidential election. The petitions for nomination must be submitted to the appropriate authority in each of the several States no later than ninety days before the date fixed for the election.

Section 3: No person shall be eligible to election as President unless they have qualified to appear on the ballot in each of the several States.

Section 4: On the ballot for President, each candidate shall be listed together with their chosen candidate for Vice President. The voters may rank the candidates for President according to their preference. If no candidate receives a majority of the total votes cast,  the candidate with the fewest number of first-preference rankings shall then be eliminated and these votes redistributed, the process being repeated until one candidate achieves a majority. The candidate who receives a majority shall then become President.

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