Political Malpractice

Joe Biden’s problem with his old segregationist buddies and busing is pretty much the same as Elizabeth Warren’s with her make-believe Indian heritage. And both have shown an inexcusable level of political incompetence in dealing with them. Warren, as I wrote at the time, could easily have defused the issue when it originally came up in her first Senate campaign by A) admitting that the decisively-debunked family legends of Cherokee ancestors were false; and B) apologize for giving offense to many Indians. She could even, as I suggested then, turned it around on Scott Brown by pointing out that he voted against the Violence Against Women Act that was expanded specifically to protect Indian women. Instead, she  refused to back off, and in the last most egregious example released that idiotic DNA test in advance of her presidential announcement, to widespread mockery.

Likewise with Biden. Literally no one was asking him about his relationship with loathsome racist troll James Eastland. Nobody. Biden, with his famously uncontrolled mouth, just decided to blurt it out as the worst possible example of his ability to work across the ideological divide. Why Eastland? He could’ve made the point just as easily (in fact, better) by citing his cooperation with John McCain, who is widely respected among Democrats (at least recently). When criticized for it, Biden dug the hole deeper, reinforcing the criticism of progressive Democrats that he’s out of touch. On busing, a lot of northern Democrats were on the wrong side of that issue. Even Ted Kennedy had to fudge his support a bit in the face of furious attacks by his constituents in Boston. The smart move would’ve been for Biden to simply admit he was wrong, that he’s learned better, and apologize for not supporting black families trying to make a better life for their children. That would’ve defused the issue. Instead, he’s gone defensive and put himself in the losing position of arguing racial issues with a black woman.

Warren (and especially Biden) are supposed to be skilled politicians. If that’s true, why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot?

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