Polling Socialism

Recent polls showing Biden with a commanding lead over Trump compared to other Democrats are probably accurate as far it goes. When you consider that your average voter knows nothing about any Democratic candidates except Biden and Bernie, plus the fact that Biden benefits from nostalgia for Obama (and the days where the president wasn’t a corrupt, incoherent, narcissist authoritarian), it’s not surprising. Long term, it suggests that the Democrats are in a good position…except the part where the public prefers Trump to “a socialist.” Bear in mind, of course, that Trump and the GOP will blast any Democratic nominee as a socialist/communist/Shining Path Maoist, just as they have been doing for the last 40 years. Also bear in mind that the general public has no idea what “socialist” means (including this woman). Whoever the Democratic nominee is has to have a good rebuttal to Trump shrieking “socialist!”, such as pointing out all the very popular government programs that Republicans have routinely bashed as “socialist” over the decades. Getting into an extended argument over capitalism versus socialism is a losing bet. This isn’t a freshman political science class. The voting public already knows that kind of person Trump is (and a fair chunk of them still love him); the Democratic nominee has to define herself or himself before the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus has a chance to.

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