This Is A Couple Days Old…

…but it bears commenting on.  Matt Taibbi’s exchange with David Gergen (last seen as the Designated Grownup in the Clinton Administration) perfectly illustrates A) the Beltway Village’s myopia and alienation from anything that even remotely approaches reality; and B) the fact that the Tea Partiers are, in fact, howling at the Moon, pissing in the corner crazy.  They are not a “movement,” they are not some grand new populist political revival: they are a comparatively small group of ultra Right Wing Republicans (with a frisson of racism) who have hijacked the GOP.  Any sincerity the TP’ers may once have had has long since been smothered in its crib as the “movement” was bought body and soul by the very Wall Street fatcats and banksters they were originally brought together to oppose.  Anger about the looting of the American economy by the rich and powerful is now whored out to a Republic Party dedicated to actively wrecking that very same economy for their own political advantage.


Power to the “People”

Awww, isn’t that sweet?  The soulless godless banksters who very nearly caused the entire world’s economy to collapse are just giddy with excitement at the prospect of a House of Representatives run by their trained monkeys.  Thank G*d the Tea Party was here to protect Main Street from Wall Street, huh?

A Clear Mandate

From Gin and Tacos.  The American People have Clearly Demanded:

“1. Social Security reform that guarantees my current level of benefits, alters someone else’s, and cuts everyone’s Social Security taxes to boot.

2. A world-class national infrastructure that can be built and maintained without tax dollars.

3. A balanced budget that doesn’t sacrifice any of the government programs – especially the sacred military-industrial complex and the various old age benefits – that we like.

4. Clean air without pollution controls, clean water with a neutered and underfunded EPA, and businesses that do socially responsible things without any regulation whatsoever.

5. Consumer goods at Made in China prices that create high-paying jobs in America.

6. Giant trucks and SUVs that drive like Formula One race cars, look cool, fit into small parking spaces, cost under $18,000, and get the fuel economy of a Toyota Prius.

7. Complete freedom and complete security at the same time.

8. An America that acts like a swaggering, sociopathic asshole on the global stage yet is beloved by all the nations of the world.

9. Wars against every enemy, real or imagined, all of the time, with no U.S. casualties and no effect on the budget.

10. Incredibly rich and rewarding professional lives while supporting our employers’ right to do whatever they want to us without recourse.

11. A vibrant, consumption-based U.S. economy with good jobs for anyone willing to look for one resulting from free trade policies that encourage money and capital flows to cheap labor markets.

12. A highly educated workforce produced by a school system that requires no tax dollars to achieve excellence, students who have no interest in learning, and a virulently anti-intellectual society.

13. Closed borders and an endless supply of cheap labor to keep prices low.

14. To buy whatever we want irrespective of what we can afford while maintaining the drumbeat of personal responsibility.

15. Health care that is cheap, superior, and readily available to me without the danger of the same being enjoyed by anyone I deem undeserving.

It couldn’t be any clearer: we want a government that will resolve every problem we currently face with solutions that require no effort, no sacrifices, and no money. And I have no doubt that we have elected a group of people brave enough to promise exactly that.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

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Scenes from the Great Recession

  1. Debt collection company uses fake deputies, judges and a fake courtroom to frighten money out of people;
  2. The Supreme Court is poised to virtually wipe out class-action suits, one of the last legal tools left available to punish our corporate overlords;
  3. Newly elected Republican Governors pledge to kill high-speed rail, thus wiping out hundreds of jobs;
  4. Proving there’s no limit to his insanity, ego or cruelty, Alleged Governor Rick Perry now wants to secede from Medicaid to close the budget gap he pretended didn’t exist

This Just In…

  1. Americans STILL blame Wall Street and Dubya for the Great Recession;
  2. Mandates are only mandates when Republicans win by any margin, however small; and
  3. Most voters know the GOP is very likely to screw this up.

Gonna be a fun two years…

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Exercise Your Right to Vote

Voting is the absolute, bare minimum, entry-level thing you can do to support our democracy.  To refuse to vote is to spit in the faces of those who gave the last full measure of their devotion to guaranteeing your right to apathy–not just the many soldiers, sailors and airmen over the centuries, but also martyrs to democracy such as Medgar Evers and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  And if you’re a liberal or progressive who is planning not to vote as some sort of protest against Obama for failing to deliver the sun, the moon and all the stars within two years…GET OVER YOURSELF!  Have you SEEN the frickin’ LUNATICS who are running on the other side?  Obama gets to retire with a nice pension no matter what; WE will have to live with the damage these froot loops inflict on the nation for DECADES to come!  Now get off your ASS, suck it up, and VOTE!  Don’t make me come over there!

Note:  This picture is from Native American Stock Pictures who have lots and lots of wonderful images.

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Nobel Prize-winner Paul Krugman is extremely pessimistic about the damage a GOP Congress will do to America.

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You Can See Where This Is Headed

Overwhelming majorities want the Republicans to compromise.

Republicans are publicly committed to NEVER compromise, ever, on any issue.

Therefore, come January of 2011, the MSM will be full of Very Serious People opining that Obama should “move to the middle.”

Welcome to the Jungle

In the brave, new, post-Citizens United world, millionaires who allow senior citizens to be sexually assaulted in their nursing homes can use limitless funds to punish prosecutors who dare to interfere in their “business.”  Thanks, Sam Alito!

Democracy for Sale

The “US” Chamber of Commerce is financed by foreign oil interests.  Big European polluters are funding the campaigns of Republican climate-change deniers.  And, in a not-at-all-surprising example of biting the hand that feeds, corporations that received bailout money are donating big wads to…the Republicans.  I know, right?  Fetch the smelling salts!

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