Reality Bites

Very good article from the conservative press by former Reagan official Bruce Bartlett on why Republicans lost and are likely to keep losing. Spoiler alert: it’s because the inmates are running the asylum.

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It’s The End of the World As They Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Overreact much?

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

…Texans happily elect the worst judge in America and a creepy-voiced fanatic who has already pledged to be yet another obstructionist jackass.

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Now Let The Whining and Blame Throwing Begin!

Why Romney Lost:

1) He didn’t pretend hard enough to be conservative;
2) Hurricane Sandy only attacked white people;
3) Obama used his Satan powers to deceive nation;
4) Voters inspired by free giveaway of iPhone 5’s to Democrats;
5) Nominating a rich, elitist asshole after the largest economic meltdown in 70 years turned out not be the winning strategy heretofore imagined;
6) Influx of Muslim illegal alien voters from Mexico who voted with fake IDs

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Congratulations, Elizabeth Warren!

Now stop pretending to be Cherokee, dammit!

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GREAT Night for the Tea Party

Allen West defeated, Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin doom GOP hopes at takings the Senate. Yessiree, great night.

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As soon as our Glorious Leader’s re-election has been secured by ACORN and the New Black Panthers, please report to your nearest FEMA re-education camp to turn in your guns and be forcibly gay married to an illegal alien under Sharia law. Hail Satan!

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The Future Is Past

Okay, so about a week out I’ll go ahead and make my long-awaited prediction:  Obama will carry every state he carried in 2008, less Indiana and possibly North Carolina and/or Florida.  Might also be a surprise and take Arizona.  I’ll also predict the Democrats will hold the Senate, and might even add 1 or 2, with the Republicans keeping the House, though I think their margin will be cut considerably.

Having said that, my prediction means (at least) another two years of complete gridlock.  If Obama really believes that his re-election will break the “fever blister” of Republican hysteria and obstinacy, he’s even more naive and narcissistic than I thought.  There are no moderate Republicans; there aren’t even really any sane Republicans left in Congress.  Even if there were, the Tea Party has sufficiently proven its ability to punish those who displease them that they will not take the risk of being seen to “cooperate” with the Muslim Nazi Kenya Usurper in the White House.  A GOP House will continue to refuse even a vote for any of Obama’s second term proposals; GOP Senators will continue to insist that 60 votes are required to conduct any business.  Assuming Romney loses, the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus will rail that he wasn’t conservative enough and insist on running a complete lunatic in 2016 (potentially good news for Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton).  I wish I was wrong on this, but I don’t think I am.


Yet another scum bag CEO has taken up Mitt Romney’s call and is threatening his employees to vote for The Mitt…or else.  Mike White, owner of the industrial equipment firm Rite-Hite, and unsurprisingly, a Scott Walker sugar daddy, is a certified asshole.

Bottom Line…

…repeat of the last debate in terms of style/presentation, meaning advantage Obama. Kind of confused by Mitt’s bold strategy of fighting to agree with Obama every chance he got. Took Obama two good debates to wash off the stench from his first performance. Substance? Please. America has had the same China policy (economic capitulation) for the last 30 years. And everyone agrees that blowing up villagers with drones is a swell way to win friends and influence people. Global warming? Hah. Evidently teachers unions, bayonets and horses are more relevant to foreign policy.

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