The Gospel According to Ayn Rand

American Christianity, and in particular Evangelical Protestantism and especially the blasphemous “Health and Wealth Gospel,” has long been used as a figleaf for an economic system that is utterly at odds with actual, Biblical Christianity. You cannot serve two masters, to paraphrase Scriptures, you cannot love both Christ and Ayn Rand. Pope Francis gets it; why can’t Paul Ryan?

Speaking of Makers vs. Takers…

Rarely (in fact, pretty much never) heard from the Great Ayn Rand Party is the fact that it’s mostly Republican states which receive back more in Federal dollars than they pay into the system in Federal taxes and the largest concentrations of the infamous 47% moochers are found in, you guessed it, Red States.

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The Grand Ayn Rand Party

They just can’t help themselves: yet more Galtian Cult commentary from the Republicans.  Guys, ask the Reagan Era Democrats how great a strategy it is to openly mock and disparage a big chunk of the electorate.

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Crony Capitalism For Dummies

There’s been a lot of snark on the Left side of the web about the “irony” of holding the RNC in a publicly financed stadium (a fact dutifully ignored by Your Liberal Media).  Hah hah!  Look at the hypocrites as they chant “we built this!” on the taxpayer’s dime.  Don’t laugh; it’s not funny.  It’s the modern Republican idea of “capitalism,” namely that the government exists to service corporations and billionaires, whether its paying for expensive sports venues or ladling out government contracts.  All that horseshit about “rugged individualism”?  That’s for “you people”.  “Socialism” is for our neo-Ayn Randian “job creator” overlords; “capitalism” is for the “parasites,” meaning the people who work for a living.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the State

Interesting article from Slate about Robert Nozick and the history and rancid philosophical underpinnings of Libertarianism.

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Is the Tea Party Christian?

A much better article than my own ruminations clearly establishes that the answer is “no”.  Neither Ayn Rand’s rancid Objectivism nor warmed-over Glibertarianism, both central (along with eye-rolling paranoia and thinly-veiled racism) to the Tea Party are compatible with Christianity.

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God and Mammon

One of these things is not like the other…

Let’s be clear about this, shall we?  You canNOT be a follower of both Ayn Rand and Christ.  If you think you are, you are fooling yourself.  And God is not mocked…

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