Wherein I Respectfully Disagree

I disagree with the notion that Hillary Clinton has no responsibility to answer for Bill Clinton’s policies for two reasons:

1) He’s a former Democratic President who made policy decisions (NAFTA, Welfare Reform, the Crime Bill) that are still affecting the country today. It’s altogether fitting and proper to ask the current nominee of the Democratic Party whether she agrees with those policies, whether they’ve proven to be mistakes over time, and what if anything she would change about them. And;

2) Hillary Clinton was never a traditional First Lady. She was, and was presented to the public as, a trusted policy advisor to Bill. She was in charge of his disastrous healthcare reform effort. Just like any other former Clinton Administration figure, it’s entirely right both to hold her accountable for his policies she agreed with and press her on which of his policies she would change, if any.

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Conservative Hypocrisy Watch

If Barack Obama endorses the exact same Israel-Palestine position as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (carefully edited by CBS to stir the shit), that is “disrespect”[ing] Israel and throwing her “under the bus.”  Makes perfect sense, right?

Buckle Up

A leader of the Right Wing attack on the Clintons now says the coming attacks on Obama will make that campaign look like a church picnic.

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The American People Have Gone Commie

Alert Glenn Beck.

The takeaway point from this article (which has an extremely misleading title, incidentally) is that most Americans have no idea just how badly they are getting screwed by the plutocratic economy that’s been grinding them down for 30+ years.  That being said, do I expect Democrats to immediately seize on economic fairness as a campaign issue?  Oh Hell, no!  That ship sailed, at the latest, when Bill Clinton sold us out on NAFTA.

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Everything Old is New Again

Glenn Greenwald agrees with me that the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus attacks on Obama’s legitimacy have less to do with race and more to do with their refusal to admit that anyone but themselves are fit to rule.  We went through exactly the same sort of paranoid, delusional idiocy while Bill Clinton was president.  Certainly, there is a racist element out there that despises Obama for daring to be a black man in power, but I feel certain there are more people who hate him for being a Democrat than there are those who hate him for being black.

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Vote Noriega: It’s Important

From HuffPo an excellent and sobering point–without 60 votes in the Senate, President Obama will likely be stymied from making any “fundamental changes” as the filibuster, villified by the GOP when Democrats used it, will be magically transformed into a sacred tool of protection against the “tyranny of the majority.”  As obnoxious as Republicans are when they win, a sullen defeated GOP will be even worse than they were during the Clinton Administration.  Go over to Rick Noriega’s place and give him some cash.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Are there Left-wing nuts out there saying ugly things about John McCain and Sarah Palin?  Yes, though it seems to be confined primarily to anonymous commenters on blogs for the most part.  Is that the same as the delusional insanity wafting around the tin-foil hat faction of the Right concerning Obama?  Oh hell no!  Krugman is the right that this is the same strain of hate virus as Clinton Derangement Syndrome back in 1990’s, only with the added stench of odious racism.  In fairness to John McCain, at least he (unlike his running mate) has the common decency to be appalled at this, if only because he’s starting to realize the political end is nigh and this isn’t how he wants to be remembered.  Assuming an Obama victory, I look for a return to militia nuts, and huge boosts to the careers of Right Wing Howler Monkeys cranking out increasingly insane conspiracy theories in print and on teh interwebs.

UPDATE:  A rundown of violent Right Wing fantasies, long before they had Obama to fear.

UPDATE 2:  Glenn Greenwald makes the same point in disassembling the moral equivalency argument of Michael Crowley at TNR.

Good One, Bill

Excellent speech by Bill, seemingly made point-for-point to refute hyper-technical criticism by the GOP and their lapdogs in the MSM.

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Revolt of the Generals

An excellent piece from the San Diego Union-Tribune on the unprecedented (at least since the Civil War) number of general officers publicly denouncing a President’s foreign policy. While I tend to agree with the critiques, I’m not too sanguine about the underlying motivations of those who suddenly feel compelled to speak out, nor am I sure how I feel about the overall effect. Is this a threat to civillian control (however incompetent) of the military? What would Democrats have thought if 20 retired Generals blasted Bill Clinton? Any of you currently serving in uniform, what do you think?

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The Two Minute Hate Continues

Wow! I had deliberately ignored recent news stories about the inquiry into Princess Diana’s death because, frankly, I really just don’t give a damn. I was under the mistaken impression that the events of 1776 had eliminated the need for US Media to obsess over the peccadilloes of the dumpy, inbred German family on the British Throne. I had also apparently forgotten just how rabid and over-the-top Clinton conspiracy theorists in the Mainstream Media could get, never mind the fringe. Fortunately, Glenn Greenwald reminds me. How they manage to not work in an accusation that Bill was sleeping with her is beyond me.

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