Wherein I Respectfully Disagree

I disagree with the notion that Hillary Clinton has no responsibility to answer for Bill Clinton’s policies for two reasons:

1) He’s a former Democratic President who made policy decisions (NAFTA, Welfare Reform, the Crime Bill) that are still affecting the country today. It’s altogether fitting and proper to ask the current nominee of the Democratic Party whether she agrees with those policies, whether they’ve proven to be mistakes over time, and what if anything she would change about them. And;

2) Hillary Clinton was never a traditional First Lady. She was, and was presented to the public as, a trusted policy advisor to Bill. She was in charge of his disastrous healthcare reform effort. Just like any other former Clinton Administration figure, it’s entirely right both to hold her accountable for his policies she agreed with and press her on which of his policies she would change, if any.

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Following the Money

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating the US Chamber of Commerce for allegedly laundering campaign contributions.  You may remember that Big Insurance poured about $86 million into the USCoC in 2009 to try to defeat the Affordable Care Act.  Combined with this week’s Supreme Court ruling reinforcing Citizens United, this news just reinforces my belief that the corporatist wing of the Supremes will soon find a “First Amendment” right of corporations to donate money without any sort of disclosure whatsoever.

Follow the Money

Mother Jones tracks down the dark history of dark money, beginning with (surprise, surprise) Nixon.  Though there has been some nonsense lately in the MSM about how the Chief Justice was “shocked, shocked” by the results of Citizens United, that’s just so much eyewash.  Citizens United was Roberts’ baby and it has achieved precisely the desired result:  a plutocracy.  Needless to say, I have almost no faith that the Supremes will do anything to disturb this in the pending Montana case American Tradition Partnership v. Bullock.

Dear Mega-Donors:

Since your widdle feelin’s is all hurt, I’ll make you a deal: stop trying to buy my country and I’ll go back to not giving two shits about you.  Otherwise, nut up or shut up.

I For One Welcome Our New Randian Overlords

Rolling Stone is kind enough to introduce us to the economic aristocracy that will decide for us lowly worms who rules America.  Call me crazy, but the idea of licking the boots of these bloated princelings and cravenly groveling for jobs and economic investment strikes me as uniquely un-American.  But then again, conservatives always were better at kissing ass.  I’m anxiously awaiting the next Supreme Court ruling wherein they strike down all campaign contribution disclosure requirements as a blow against anonymous “Freedom of Speech” by billionaires and corporations who might otherwise be mocked by the peasants.

UPDATE:  The main problem with our Benevolent Job Creator Overlords is that they aren’t much interested in, well, creating jobs.  At least in America.