Abraham Lincoln was NOT A Third Party Candidate, Dammit!

This has always been a pet poli -sci nerd peeve of mine, even more so now that Gary Johnson supporters are using it. Let’s review some historical facts, shall we?

  1. The two major parties in America from 1833-1854 were the Democrats and the Whigs. The last Whig majority in the House was the 30th Congress (1847-1849) and their last Senate majority was the 28th Congress (1843-1845). The Whigs were annihilated in the presidential election of 1852, carrying only 4 states with a total of 42 electoral votes for Winfield Scott versus 27 states and 254 electoral votes for Franklin Pierce. Clearly, the party was already on its last legs.
  2. There were four candidates for the presidency in 1860: Lincoln for the Republicans, his longtime rival Stephen A. Douglas for the Democrats, sitting Vice President John C. Breckenridge for a breakaway faction of rabidly pro-slavery Southern Democrats, and John Bell for the hastily-assembled “Compromise party,” the Constitutional Unionists. The Whigs couldn’t even drum up a candidate. In fact, they had already been reduced to lamely endorsing the Know Nothings in 1856;
  3. The Republicans were already a major force in Congress, despite having only been formed in 1854. The 34th Congress (1855-1857) started with 9 Republican Senators and only 8 Whigs; it ended with 13 Republicans and 7 Whigs. In the House, all of the non-Democratic members united in an Opposition Party. The 35th Congress (1857-1859) ended with 20 Republican senators and no Whigs; 92 Republican House members and no Whigs. At the time of the 1860 election, Congress had a majority of 26 Republican senators and 116 Republican House members. Again, there were no Whigs left.
  4. By any reasonable measure, then, the two major political parties in America by at least 1860 were the Democrats and the Republicans. Lincoln was not by any stretch of the imagination, a third party candidate.

Rant completed.

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Standing Up for History

David Cornsilk provides an excellent concise overview of Cherokee history as it relates to the Freedmen and debunks several of the most common lies and slanders against them being put out by the anti-Freedmen forces.  Well worth the read.

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Diluting the King

The Mainstream Media, then and now, obfuscate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s true message and his complete legacy. In America, we have an ingrained habit of grinding down the sharp edges of our history, making it far more palatable and “mainstream.” Thus, the Founding Fathers have been recast from Revolutionaries to, somehow, conservatives, in spite of their actual radicalism in overthrowing the fundamental basis of government (the Divine Right of Kings) for the preceding 1,000 years. The Civil War was for decades, and to a lesser extent even today, stripped of any racial context, to the extent that many still claim that the war had “nothing to do with slavery,” which is akin to saying WWII had nothing to do with fascism. So it is with MLK, Jr. Now that he has been brought into the “mainstream” with a National Holiday, his radicalism and his message of economic freedom is muffled by the same media that taunted and ignored him while he lived.

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Ted Nugent: The Angel of Unity

Aging has-been rocker prances around inaugural stage in tasteful Confederate battle flag wife-beater, shouting incoherent insults at brown people who can’t speak gooder english like him, to the delight of onlookers, especially those who find the idea of a preening nitwit like Rick Perry on a national ticket to be falling-down hillarious.

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My Infamy Spreads

A recent column of mine gets blogged by the League of the South. And one of their local members drops by to reassure me that they are not, in fact, racist.
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My Infamy Spreads

A recent column of mine gets blogged by the League of the South. And one of their local members drops by to reassure me that they are not, in fact, racist.
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