Everyone Hates Ted Cruz

Even, perhaps especially, House Republicans. You should really, really, read these tweets. They are comedy gold. Evidently being a smug, self-righteous prick with all the political skill of a constipated rhino in a china shop does not endear you to the colleagues you are so earnestly attempting to throw under the bus. Who knew?

Boehner vs. Cruz: Douchebagmageddon

Ted Cruz is well on his way towards cementing his title as not only the biggest douchebag currently serving in Congress, but the biggest douchebag to ever serve (though he still has stiff competition from Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms). And now John Boehner (the most politically impotent douchebag in Congress) is calling him on his insane Kool-aid-besodden dream of shutting down the government in order to “defund” Obamacare.

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And This Time He REALLY Means It!

Disappointed Harry is Disappoint

Disappointed Harry is Disappoint

Harry Reid shakes his fist in impotent rage. Sure, Harry, whatever; I’m SURE you’ve got the Republicans quaking in their boots this time…

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David Brin on the Perils of Gerrymandering to Democracy

Noted scientist and science fiction author David Brin on the danger gerrymandering poses to the democratic health of the republic. A very good read, shared with me in response to this depressing article on Think Progress.

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GREAT Night for the Tea Party

Allen West defeated, Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin doom GOP hopes at takings the Senate. Yessiree, great night.

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The Future Is Past

Okay, so about a week out I’ll go ahead and make my long-awaited prediction:  Obama will carry every state he carried in 2008, less Indiana and possibly North Carolina and/or Florida.  Might also be a surprise and take Arizona.  I’ll also predict the Democrats will hold the Senate, and might even add 1 or 2, with the Republicans keeping the House, though I think their margin will be cut considerably.

Having said that, my prediction means (at least) another two years of complete gridlock.  If Obama really believes that his re-election will break the “fever blister” of Republican hysteria and obstinacy, he’s even more naive and narcissistic than I thought.  There are no moderate Republicans; there aren’t even really any sane Republicans left in Congress.  Even if there were, the Tea Party has sufficiently proven its ability to punish those who displease them that they will not take the risk of being seen to “cooperate” with the Muslim Nazi Kenya Usurper in the White House.  A GOP House will continue to refuse even a vote for any of Obama’s second term proposals; GOP Senators will continue to insist that 60 votes are required to conduct any business.  Assuming Romney loses, the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus will rail that he wasn’t conservative enough and insist on running a complete lunatic in 2016 (potentially good news for Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton).  I wish I was wrong on this, but I don’t think I am.

Cong. Joe Walsh (R-IL): Deadbeat Dad, Chickenhawk, Douchebag

Tea Party Congressman and loathsome waste of oxygen Joe Walsh is now calling his opponent, decorated and disabled war hero Tammy Duckworth, not a “true hero.”  Screw you, Congressman.

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Great Moments in Democracy

Nothing like watching United States Senators from both parties fall all over themselves to lick the boots of bankster Jamie Dimon, with the slight exception of Merkley and Martinez. Why, just imagine if this was Iceland, where they actually prosecute bank frauds who trash the economy AND the politicians they bought and paid for? Imagine!

UPDATE:  From the Great & Powerful Kos, a handy chart showing show of the best moments in brown-nosing organized by how much money Jamie Dimon, Superstar, bestowed upon each Senator telling him how much his ass smelled like a rose.

Great Moments in Stupidity

Remember the War in Iraq?  Remember how it was supposed to be about WMD’s that later turned out to not exist?  Well, turns out that for the last couple of years, the US has been spending a relatively small amount of money to keep track of WMD’s in the former Soviet Union, to prevent them from falling into the hands of terrorists, a very real threat given the shaky state of the Russian military since the fall of communism.  Sound like a good use of money?  Not to Cong. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) who introduced an amendment last month to cut off this funding.  Here’s a list of all the morons in the House who voted FOR the invasion of Iraq in October of 2002 to find pretend WMD’s but voted AGAINST a mechanism to keep REAL WMD’s out of the hands of terrorists.  It will not surprise you to learn that many of these morons are from Texas.

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See? It All Makes Perfect Sense!

Obama can’t appoint anyone because Congress is in session.  But he can’t ask to raise the debt ceiling yet because Congress isn’t in session.  And Congress is going to send him a sternly-worded letter just as soon as they are back in session.  See?

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