Welcome to the Oligarchy


Shorter Supreme Court: don’t give us none of that good goody good bullshit.


Down And Out In America

It probably comes as no surprise that most of what “everybody knows” about poverty in America is dead wrong. It should also come as no surprise that most people are ignorant about poverty, given the relentless propagandizing by oligarchs determined to make the rest of us see the poor as somehow “other” and “less.”  Interestingly, if someone smart (like say, a Redditor) were to compare poverty rates by county in the US using the same standards (though adjusted for cost of living) as the UN uses for Africa, they’d see huge swathes of abject poverty in the reddest states of the Deep South. Why? Mainly because the Deep South has been following the Republican/Oligarch Economic Model (small government, low wages, no unions, little regulation) for the better part of a century.

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Religion, Incorporated

First impressions of oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby case, which could potentially result in extending constitutional freedom of religion rights to corporations. Corporations, mind you. This is a case brought by a corporation (albeit a privately held one) NOT an individual. This Supreme Court has already ruled, in Citizens United, that corporations have free speech rights; where does it stop? Could corporations adopt children (The Truman Show)? Could a corporation marry? Vote? Run for office? And how do we decide what religion a corporation is? Will it be like kingdoms during the Reformation and the peasants adopt whatever religion the King has? Is it the same religion as the CEO or the largest shareholder? Could a corporation vote by majority vote of the shareholders? May a shareholder sue the corporation for not fulfilling its religion duties (staying open on the Sabbath, for example; or selling non-kosher products)? And which religious beliefs are valid? Can I decide my corporation has a religious objection to environmental laws? The minimum wage? Workplace safety laws?

It’s utterly asinine to extend Constitutional rights to paper entities like corporations. There is no valid theory to uphold it, certainly not Original Intent, as corporations as we know them did not even exist at the time the Constitution was written. The only reason for the Supreme Court to even consider this ridiculous claim is the majority’s utterly loathing of President Obama and pro-corporate bent.


UPDATE: Justice Kennedy apparently thinks this is a case about abortion. That is potentially very bad news for people who don’t want their employer deciding what kind of birth control they can use.

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More From Our Corporate Overlords

Kneel, peasants!

Kneel, peasants!

The Hobby Lobby case is not just about whether or not corporations have souls (and therefore religion) or even whether your boss gets to decide if you use birth control; if Hobby Lobby prevails, your boss will get to decide what your doctor tells you.

Meanwhile, mega-banks are keen to make sure you don’t know that not only are they “too big to fail,” they get lower interest rates because of it. That’s right, you’re subsidizing banks even more than you thought you were.

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You’re Getting Screwed, Part 257

“Free Trade” has nothing to do with tariffs. Or really with trade. It has to do with corporate profits and a race to the bottom in terms of wages and environmental protections.

On a related topic, the Koch Brothers: America’s Oligarchs.

On a further related topic, Oklahoma is set to screw over its public sector employees in order to boost profits for the financial services industry.

More News From McAmerica

Workers in the Digital Age are becoming invisible. And Amazon is evil. Welcome to the future…


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A short history of how corporations came to dominate American politics.

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Yet another scum bag CEO has taken up Mitt Romney’s call and is threatening his employees to vote for The Mitt…or else.  Mike White, owner of the industrial equipment firm Rite-Hite, and unsurprisingly, a Scott Walker sugar daddy, is a certified asshole.

The Magical Efficiency of the “Free” Market

More privatization in action:  a 91 year old woman is driven out of her home by a $2,000 water bill that the private corporate utility company cannot and will not explain.  This is what inevitably happens when the government turns over public assets to private, for-profit entities.

What You Say vs. What I Hear

When You Say… I Hear…
“Now this might not be politically correct, but…” “I’m about to say something stupid and/or racist but I feel brave about it.”
“Some of my best friends are black.” “I have never met a black person in my life and frankly the very idea scares the shit out of me.”
“It’s just like Nazi Germany/Hitler!” “I am completely and totally ignorant of world history.”
“The Civil War wasn’t about slavery.” “I am completely and totally ignorant of American history.”
“Barack Obama is a socialist/communist.” “I have no idea what Obama’s policies are nor do I have any idea what the word ‘socialist’ means.”
“You can’t prove that it’s not true!” “I lack the knowledge of logic and reason found in junior high debate classes.”
“That’s against God’s will.” “I have never actually read the Bible and wouldn’t know it if you smacked me upside the head with the King James Version.”
“Homosexuals are destroying America.” “I am so far in the closet I can see Narnia from here.”
“Indians should just get over it.” “Please smack me in the mouth.”
“My great great grandmother was a Cherokee princess.” “Please smack me in the mouth.”
“America was founded as a Christian Nation.” “I am completely and totally ignorant of American history.”
“It’s well-documented…” “I’m totally pulling this out of my ass.”
“I want the government out of my life.” “I want the government in your life.”
“I’m sick of all these welfare moochers.” “I hate that any tax money goes to brown people.”
“Tax cuts pay for themselves.” “I don’t understand arithmetic.”
“I don’t need any help from the government.” “I would starve to death in my own filth without government assistance.”
“Illegal aliens need to go back where they came from.” “Irony escapes me.”
“I want a small Federal government.” “I want a police state for everyone but me.”
“Muslim extremists are taking over America.” “I want Christian extremists to take over America.”
“Bring back prayer in public school.” “Bring back Right Wing protestant evangelical prayer personally approved by me in public school.”
“Corporations are people, my friend.” “Unicorns are real.”
“Voter ID is just common sense.” “I’m upset that Negroes and poor people are allowed to vote.”
“We just want to Take Back America.” “I’m upset that Negroes and poor people are allowed to vote.”