Welcome to the Oligarchy


Shorter Supreme Court: don’t give us none of that good goody good bullshit.

More From Our Corporate Overlords

Kneel, peasants!

Kneel, peasants!

The Hobby Lobby case is not just about whether or not corporations have souls (and therefore religion) or even whether your boss gets to decide if you use birth control; if Hobby Lobby prevails, your boss will get to decide what your doctor tells you.

Meanwhile, mega-banks are keen to make sure you don’t know that not only are they “too big to fail,” they get lower interest rates because of it. That’s right, you’re subsidizing banks even more than you thought you were.

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You’re Getting Screwed, Part 257

“Free Trade” has nothing to do with tariffs. Or really with trade. It has to do with corporate profits and a race to the bottom in terms of wages and environmental protections.

On a related topic, the Koch Brothers: America’s Oligarchs.

On a further related topic, Oklahoma is set to screw over its public sector employees in order to boost profits for the financial services industry.


A short history of how corporations came to dominate American politics.

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Just Because You’re Paranoid…

Yes, your digital privacy is being systematically violated by big corporations. No, your government does not have the resources to do anything about it. Corporations are against regulations for the same reason criminals are against more cops.

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Following the Money

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating the US Chamber of Commerce for allegedly laundering campaign contributions.  You may remember that Big Insurance poured about $86 million into the USCoC in 2009 to try to defeat the Affordable Care Act.  Combined with this week’s Supreme Court ruling reinforcing Citizens United, this news just reinforces my belief that the corporatist wing of the Supremes will soon find a “First Amendment” right of corporations to donate money without any sort of disclosure whatsoever.

Nothing Personal

ConocoPhillips thinks people who criticize their continued consumption of tax subsidies in the face of record profits are “un-American,” but they don’t think you should take it “personally.”  That’s fine, because I happen to think ConocoPhillips CEO Jim Mulva is an ignorant pissant who runs on all fours, lusts after little boys, howls at the moon and pisses in the corner.  But don’t take it personally, Jimbo.

And Speaking of Corruption

Color me shocked and appalled, but it appears the Bush White House broke Federal law by running campaign activities on the taxpayer’s dime.  Let me just wait for the howls of outrage from the House of Representatives and immediate demands for further investigation and/or a special prosecutor…

…(cue crickets chirping)

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Suffer the Little Banksters…

…while bailed-out banks are sliding towards collapse again, Wall Street looks up from the taxpayer-funded government teat long enough to whine to Politico that Obama doesn’t kiss their asses enough.  There’s just not enough contempt in the world for me to direct towards the gangster parasites who very nearly destroyed the entire planetary economy with their stupidity and greed.

Someone Call Spencer Bachus!

Our Banking Overlords are suffering in their efforts to illegally seize your property.  Won’t someone PLEASE think of the Banksters!?!?!

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