One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Why is it that NONE of the big tough-guy he-man Conservatives currently clutching their pearls and taking to the fainting couch over the very idea that Tsarnaev might be afforded his rights as a US citizen ever once suggested military tribunals or water-boarding for Timothy McVeigh or Scott Roeder? Hmmm, what could possibly be the difference?

Speaking of Activist Judges…

US District Judge Terry Means (full disclosure: he swore me in to the Federal bar) has blocked a scheduled American Airlines union organizing election because, get this, IT WOULD MAKE AA LOOK BAD. No, seriously. Seriously. Where was this concept of canceling elections due to embarrassment during the Republican presidential primaries?

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Your Liberal Media At Work

Rulings on the Affordable Care Act are only news when they rule against it.  Color me shocked.

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Good News & Good News

First, Indian farmers get their settlement with the Agriculture Department for decades of theft and racism approved.  Second, the smarmy John Stossel and loathsome Andrew Breitbart get schooled by one of the attorneys representing African-American farmers who suffered the same sort of official racism.  A glorious day.

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Why Does Chief Justice Roberts Hate America?

Notorious radical Left-Wing socialist John Roberts demands patriotic God-fearing Republicans stop obstructing the Kenyan Muslim Nazi traitor’s judicial nominees, who will force all white people to get gay-married to illegal aliens under Sharia law.

Of course, Roberts falls for the old “everyone does it” meme, but still.

Just In Case…

…you needed more proof of the utterly repellent nature of the George W. Bush/Alberto Gonzales Justice Department, comes word of their practice of requiring defendants who plea bargain to waive their right to seek exoneration later through DNA evidence.  My only question is, what the HELL took Eric Holder so long to reverse this abomination?

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Welcome to the Jungle

In the brave, new, post-Citizens United world, millionaires who allow senior citizens to be sexually assaulted in their nursing homes can use limitless funds to punish prosecutors who dare to interfere in their “business.”  Thanks, Sam Alito!

Speaking of “Judicial Activism”…

…the Court of Criminal Appeals has just essentially rewritten the Texas Constitution by (for all intents and purposes) eliminating the ability of appellate courts to overturn convictions for factual insufficiency.  I predict quite a bit of blawging over this decision to come; it represents a huge change in the law, despite the plurality’s bland assertions to the contrary.  Look at this way: any decision that makes a supercilious asshole like John Bradley happy MUST be bad, per se.

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Turns Out…

Sam Alito was full of crap.  I know, right?

Thank goodness for the Magical Invisible Hand of the “Free” Market that will allow Red China, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait to pick our candidates for us!

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Shorter Second Circuit:

“Yeah, yeah, it’s real sad how you were screwed out of your land and all but any remedy might possibly inconvenience white people who have grown accustomed to living on stolen land, so fuck off and die.”

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