Gone To Texas

Good article on the state of partisan play in Texas. I agree with the notion of Tarrant County as a key bellwether of any purple trend statewide, a county where Democrats were making inroads until the 2010 debacle. Wendy Davis’ campaign for reelection to the state senate will be a strong indicator of whether 2010 was a fluke or a reassertion of Right Wing dominance. Another major problem, referenced in the article, is the degraded state of the Texas Democratic Party, an organization that has never really been that strong and is now practically nonexistent. Hopefully, the TDP has abandoned their fantasy of wooing back white “Reagan Democrats” (so named because they haven’t voted for a Democrat since Reagan) and will instead devote their meager resources to registering and turning out Hispanic voters. Until that happens, Texas Democrats will remain a third party (after the Tea Party and the mainstream country club establishment Republicans).

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The Numbers

There are nearly 22 million eligible Hispanic voters in America.  If Hispanics in Texas registered and turned out at the national average, to say nothing of, say, the California rate, Bill White would now be governor.  The fact that this is NOT happening represents a complete and utter failure on the part of the Texas Democratic Party.  Inexcusable.

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Why We Lose

Short version:  Republicans are insane nihilists and Democrats are cowards.  The entire article is well-worth the read.

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Republicans Eat Their Own, Part Three

New poll indicates that Olympia Snowe, one of the last of the Republican moderates and one of only two Republicans left in all of New England, would be soundly thrashed in a primary against a hypothetical “conservative.”  This, combined with pretend Republic Party chairman Michael Steele’s not-so-subtle threat against Joseph Cao, makes me wonder: who in the Democratic Party is currently in charge of having serious discussions with Senator Snowe, Congressman Cao and Senator Susan Collins?

A Specter Is Haunting Pennsylvania

Early warning signs that Arlen Specter may not be as Democratic as Democrats might prefer.  And Specter’s conversion may, thanks to arcane Senate rules, spell trouble for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

And Then There Were Fifty-Nine…

Arlen Specter crosses the aisle.  Welcome aboard, Senator!

Is it political self-preservation?  Sure it is and my opinion of party-switchers hasn’t changed; if you are going to do it, you should immediately resign and run in a special election.  For God’s sake, don’t have less integrity than Phil Gramm!  And this move will only encourage more judicial intransigence by Norm Coleman.  Still, it’s nicer to be on the giving end than the receiving end of this sort of news for a change.

Texas Blues

Burka tends to assume that any news is bad for Democrats, but he has a good post here parsing the party ID numbers in Texas.  Bottom line: it would be great news, if the Democrats could do anything to exploit it.  I tend to agree with his pessimistic assessment of Democratic chances statewide in 2010.

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Wow! That’s Something!

Democrats lead in Voter Party ID in 44 states and are “competitive” in all but five others (Alaska, Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah).  I’m usually the last one to believe in political “trends,” but if this is true it suggests that Obama’s win was more than just another victory.

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Meet the New Second Amendment…

pretty much the same as the old Second Amendment, only with the added advantage (from the Democrats’ perspective anyway) of neutering the entire gun rights debate that had so damaged them in rural areas and the South.

Conservative Honesty…

…not just an oxymoron anymore.