Constitution Accidentally Upheld

Judge Katherine B. Forrest has blocked implementation of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which allows American citizens to be arrested on American soil and locked up forever without charge.  Rather despicably, the Obama Justice Department continues to support this un-American police-state legislation.  Mark Greenwald offered a more in-depth discussion following her initial, preliminary injunction last month.  It was bad enough that Obama broke his promise to veto this godawful bill, his pinky-promise not to abuse it notwithstanding; continuing to push for the kind of power that normally only roils in the fevered dreams of Dick Cheney is really beyond the pale.  Why, exactly, did we vote for this guy again?

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Republicans STILL Hate Our Military

And maybe Liberals should revise their estimation of General David Petraeus as some sort of lap-dog to George W. Bush.  The “Betray-Us” slur now sounds just as ludicrous as Conservative claims that any generals who contradicted the neo-con line were “brainwashed.”

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George W. Bush: Torturer

The President of the United States personally endorsed the use of torture, a war crime. 

<<crickets chirping>>

But at least, according to Darth Cheney, the trains ran on time at Gitmo.

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Couple of Things

  1. The MSM regurgitates GOP talking points (in this case regarding reform of the FISA Court and reining in warrantless wiretapping) that are easily verifiably false. What a surprise, huh? Only this time, Congress pushes back. Hard. And the MSM (in this case Time) is pissed. Good.
  2. The DNI unexpectedly and against his previously-stated opposition, releases a public summary of the NIE. And it shows that, shockingly enough, the Bush Administration and the Serious Foreign Policy Experts were absolutely, positively dead-wrong about Iran’s quest for nukes. Why would the DNI do this? Not (apparently) pressure from Congress. My guess is that either he is in the Condi Rice camp and trying desperately to avert a disastrous preemptive strike on Iran by the Cheney or he is trying to CYA in case the Cheney attacks Iran anyway. Or both. And Bush and Cheney have apparently, since they learned of the report a year ago, been subtly shifting their rhetoric to justify an attack with or without Iranian nukes. Oh, and the Right-Wing Blogosphere despairs.
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Yesterday Upon the Stair…

…I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. He must be Vice President of the USA.

UPDATE: Rahm Emanuel calls him on it.

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Nattering Nabobs Ride Again

George McGovern (!) pwns Dick Cheney. Film at Eleven.

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Cuddlier, Dammit!

A Reader kindly submitted this proposal for Anime Dick Cheney. I think he should be made the new blog mascot. Special thanks to Mister Quibble!

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Now THIS Is Just the Kind of Forward-Thinking WE Could Use!

Get someone over at the Pentagon working on a cuddly Anime version of Dick Cheney, stat!
Cuddlier, dammit!
Hat tip to Obsidian Wings!
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Craddick Beats House Into Submission

Craven Republicans beg for mercy from their newly re-annointed Dread Overlord as he is carried into the Royal Chamber on a golden litter borne by 14 stout Democratic bootlickers. Once again, from the Dick Cheney White House, to Tom DeLay, to Tom Craddick, we see very clearly what it takes to be a Republican today: have your spine removed and become a lickspittle minion. That rumbling sound you hear? That’s Abraham Lincoln spinning in his grave at the transformation of the GOP into a gang of cowardly, toadying sycophants. Pathetic.

Don’t Let Cheney Hear About This!

Robert Mugabe, the repulsive, crypto-fascist, racist kleptocrat of Zimbabwe has decided to save money in the country he has repressed into economic collapse by CANCELLING THE 2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.

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