Now There’s a Brain Trust for Ya!

McCain turns to Phil Gramm for economic advice. I don’t make jokes here, folks, I just watch the politicians and report the facts.

In other news, Fred Thompson has dropped out of the presidential race (or, rather, mosey), astonishing a nation that had no idea he was ever in it.

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Thompson Introduces Crackpot Tax Plan…

gripes at “damn kids” for “getting on my lawn!”
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Freddie Thompson: Not Very Smart But Friendly

“Up yours, America!”

At least, friendly to Tricky Dick, that is. Isn’t the Bush Administration already sufficiently riddled with amoral Nixon-Era retreads? Do we really need more?
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Freddie Thompson: Fascist, Terrorist-Lover

In Feddie’s world, “dissent” which means “harm[ing] the president,” makes America “weak and divided.”
Oh, also, Thompson has no problem supporting terrorists, as long as they pay him. So that’s another way he’s Reagan Incarnate.

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Freddie = Ronnie

Is Fred Thompson the long-prophesied Second Coming of Reagan? Let’s examining the shocking similarities (and ignore for the moment the shocking ineptitude of the Thompson Campaign):

  1. Actor of minimal talent? Check!
  2. Fake populist rhetoric? Check!
  3. Intellectual laziness? Check!
  4. “Tough guy” image completely unanchored in reality? Check!
  5. Severe allergic reaction to the truth? Check!
  6. Vapid, jingoistic sloganeering masquerading as patriotism? Check!
  7. Background as a snitch (Reagan for the FBI, Thompson on the Watergate Cmte)? Check!

There are, of course, differences. As a lawyer, Thompson at least recognizes the laws he supports ignoring. Moreover, with his background as a lobbyist, Thompson presumably has a passing familiarity with the government, both how it works on paper and how it works in reality (i.e., money talks). Also, there are no reports as yet indicating that Thompson takes advice from celebrity pyschics via his trophy wife.

UPDATE: E.J. Dionne, Jr. on Freddie: back to the future.

UPDATE 2: Another view on the same topic from The Right’s Field.

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Get a Room!

Conservatives continue their bizarre occasionally homo-erotic daydreaming over Fred Thompson. His latest manly qualification for President? He’s tall.

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