“Free” Trade for FREEDOM!


The ever-hopeful Cato Institute is of the opinion that dropping tariffs on Ukraine will beat back the Russian menace. Plus, ya know, more low-wage workers and places to offshore factories.

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You’re Getting Screwed, Part 257

“Free Trade” has nothing to do with tariffs. Or really with trade. It has to do with corporate profits and a race to the bottom in terms of wages and environmental protections.

On a related topic, the Koch Brothers: America’s Oligarchs.

On a further related topic, Oklahoma is set to screw over its public sector employees in order to boost profits for the financial services industry.

Do Unions Matter?

Unions, particularly public sector unions, went to the mat in the Wisconsin recall election, pushing ahead of s reluctant White House and DNC who wanted to wait until 2014 to tackle the odious Scott Walker.  Not only that, but people who live in union households but are not union members themselves were at best tepid in support of throwing the bum out.  There were, of course, other reasons for the loss, including Democratic incompetence and the fact that Walker outspent Barrett by 10-1, but it still raises a valid point: do unions really matter in elections anymore?  Are fighting retreats the only thing left to them?  Or is there life left in the movement yet, only requiring better organization and a better working relationship with national Democrats?  Personally, I see the decline in union membership, and the resultant loss of political power as part and parcel of the ongoing slow destruction of the American economy.  As long as both political parties remain committed to the cult of “Free” Trade, and as long as both political parties are content to see America lose its manufacturing base entirely, workers (union and otherwise) will continue to get screwed.

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The American People Have Gone Commie

Alert Glenn Beck.

The takeaway point from this article (which has an extremely misleading title, incidentally) is that most Americans have no idea just how badly they are getting screwed by the plutocratic economy that’s been grinding them down for 30+ years.  That being said, do I expect Democrats to immediately seize on economic fairness as a campaign issue?  Oh Hell, no!  That ship sailed, at the latest, when Bill Clinton sold us out on NAFTA.

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Starting to Like Geithner Less and Less

So…global economic catastrophe is preferable to ANY restriction on “free” trade?

UPDATE:  Axelrod and Gibbs are going on my list, too, for their whiny “Won’t someone PLEASE think of the millionaire bankers” screed.

Race, Class & Economics

Thought-provoking article in The New Yorker about the difficulties Obama is having connecting the with working class white voters in Ohio.  It is common wisdom on the Left that working class whites are either racists or too stupid to know the Republicans are screwing them over, what with all their bitterness over guns, gays and Gods.  It was never that simplistic, though.  This, I think, is the heart of the article:

‘But they concluded that social issues like abortion, guns, religion, and even (outside the South) race had little to do with the shift. Instead, according to their data, it was based on a judgment that—during years in which industrial jobs went overseas, unions practically vanished, and working-class incomes stagnated—the Democratic Party was no longer much help to them. “Beginning in the mid-to-late 1970s, there was increasing reason for working-class whites to question whether the Democrats were still better than the Republicans at promoting their material well-being,” the study’s authors write. Working-class whites, their fortunes falling, began to embrace the anti-government, low-tax rhetoric of the conservative movement. During Clinton’s Presidency, the downward economic spiral of these Americans was arrested, but by then their identification with the Democrats had eroded. Having earlier moved to the right for economic reasons, the Arizona study concluded, the working class stayed there because of the rising prominence of social issues—Thomas Frank’s argument. But the Democrats fundamentally lost the white working class because these voters no longer believed the Party’s central tenet—that government could restore a sense of economic security.’

I would add that, now that the Democrats have wholly embraced NAFTA-style “Free” Trade, working class whites have little reason to come home.

Send Your Tax Dollars to Red China!

Spend them at Wal-Mart, the focus of evil in the modern world. Actually, as I think Bill Maher put it, the only way to help the American economy with your tax rebate check would be to spend it on hookers, meth, or Indian Casinos.

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Republicans Get Clue! Nation Gasps!

According to the WSJ (and who would know Republicans better?), six in ten GOPhers think “Free” Trade has been bad for the country and 32% favor tax hikes on the mega-wealthy to reduce the deficit. Apparently, even the Republicans aren’t Republicans anymore.

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John Edwards vs. Dubya

I like John Edwards, and not just because he, like me, is a preternaturally youthful-apppearing trial lawyer with great hair. No, in addition to being the only candidate with the huevos to purchase air-time for his own rebuttal to Dubya’s war speech, he is the only candidate in either party to speak out against the scam of “Free” Trade that is gutting this country’s economy. Of course, my endorsement probably dooms his candidacy, since I’ve proudly been on the losing side of Democratic Presidential Primaries since 1988 (Go Team Harkin!).

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We Are Not Amused

Our economic overlords in Red China are evidently displeased that we have dared to complain about the poisoned toys, dog food and seafood they are dumping on us. They are now threatening to destroy the US dollar if we continue to meekly suggest that maybe just maybe they could perhaps do something about their make-believe Monopoly money, the yuan. Another glorious victory in the inevitable dialectic march for globalization!
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