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  2. Ignoble moments in Dubya History;
  3. And don’t let the doorknob hit you in the ass on your way out.

It is, of course, easy to joke about Dubya. Hard for me to join in the laughter, however; between a war based on lies in Iraq, screwing up the war in Afghanistan and damn near destroying the Constitution and the American economy, I can’t really work up a chuckle. About the only good thing you can say for him is that he has made the Republican brand so unbelievably toxic that he may have condemned them to perpetual minority status. You can’t really evaluate a president until he’s been out of office awhile, at least ten years in my estimation. My guess, though, is that in the end Dubya will give that old bastard Nixon a run for his money as the worst president in history.

Some Socialist!

How the Obama Administration protected Wall Street banksters from their richly-deserved prosecution.  If you really want to understand just how corrupt the American political system has become, this is a good lesson.  In the final analysis, money talks and bullshit walks.  As long as we continue to allow Wall Street to purchase our democracy, this is what we will continue to get, plutocracy.

Edward J. DeMarco: Dick

Why, exactly, does this guy still have a job?  The Housing Crisis continues to drag down the economy like a sack of wet cement and this guy wants to block the best chance for ameliorating it?  Obama needs to fire his ass.  Today.  Let’s keep in mind, by the way, that what he’s objecting to (a “cram down” of principal on upside down home mortgages) is already available to corporations in bankruptcy.  This is how big corporations in “re-organization” can stick it to their union employees and pensioners.  Why shouldn’t such power be available to consumers and families, either through this program or through bankruptcy?

FULL DISCLOSURE:  There’s at least one person in my family whom I suspect would benefit by this program if implemented.

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Meanwhile, Back At The Great Recession…

Ever wonder what effect Romney-nomics would have on the economy?  Worry no more!  It’s already been tried.  In the UK.  And their economy is in free-fall.  Back at home, no less than Sandy Weill, father of Citigroup, has come to Jesus and now thinks banks that are “too big to fail” should be broken up.  I expect him to be vilified as a communist by the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus any second now.  It’s a fairly substantial crack in the wall of propaganda constantly blasted by the 1% to justify their wretched excess.

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Presented Without Comment…

Senate Republicans kill tax break for small businesses who make new hires.

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Pro Bono Publico

Some counties in California hard hit by the Housing Bust are considering using eminent domain to seize underwater houses and force the banks to renegotiate the loans. It’s an interesting idea, kind of a reverse Kelo v. City of New London. I’m concerned about the possibility of abuse, though; how would you ensure the power isn’t used to, say, enrich local developers? Still, at least it shows SOMEONE is thinking about this. Oh, and the idea pisses off FOX “News,” so it can’t be all bad.

Banks Suck, Part 257 In An Ongoing Series

Wells Fargo spent years steering minorities into crappy mortgages.  Now they’re paying the price for it.

JP Morgan Chase actually may have managed to blow as much as $9 BILLION dollars.

The LIBOR Scandal is actually a BFD.

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In Defense of Unions

As a follow-up to a previous post, an excellent piece from The Atlantic on why unions not only still matter but are needed now more than ever.  Meanwhile, Mitch Daniels, architect of the Bush Recession and now Governor of Indiana, recently took to FOX “News” to opine that public sector unions should be done away with, the Constitutional right to freedom of association notwithstanding.  The government should evidently be small, but not so small that it can’t bust unions, tell you who you can marry, and decide whether or not you have a baby.

UPDATE:  A breakdown of where all those lazy public sector workers actually work.  Unsurprisingly, the vast majority are public school teachers.  To be sure, not all public employees are members of union, but it’s easy to see Willard’s sneer about more firemen, police officers and teachers as another not-so-subtle attack on public sector unions.

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Mitt’s Base

The whiny bitchy uber-rich.  It is beyond belief to me how the Republic Party, in an election year with a vulnerable incumbent and climbing out of the worse economic downtown since the Great Depression, could nominate Mr. Moneybags from the Monopoly Game.  Have they just decided to write this one off, like they did 1996 and 2008?

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Welcome to the Free Market Utopia!

You will now be arrested and jailed for your debts.  Yes, that’s right; debtor’s prisons are making a comeback.  I feel certain Texas will start leading the way in this trend.

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