John Cornyn and Pete Sessions (you just knew the spokesdorks for GOP intransigence and ignorance would be from Texas, didn’t you?) couldn’t find their respective asses with both hands and a flashlight.

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John Cornyn: Hypocritical Tool

Yes, I know this is not really news.

Shorter John Cornyn:  Supreme Court nominees with no judicial experience are good when they are named “Harriet Miers” and bad when they are named “Elena Kagan”

UPDATE:  Mitch McConnell is also a hypocritical tool.  If only the president had nominated a former college slut from “the Heartland” who drives an SUV and who is loud and proud about being straight (or gay), who is married with kids and also a man and was a judge for decades who attended a second or third tier law school, appreciates the constitutional value of slavery,  and plays baseball (but not like a lesbian or anything), then the Republicans would still vote against her.  Or him.  Whatever.

John Cornyn is a Prick…

a cowardly, hypocritical prick.  Just in case you didn’t already know.

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This Is What It Has Come To

Republican Senators are upset because mean, nasty “Leftists” are pointing out the truth:  by opposing Al Franken’s amendment, they voted to protect large defense contractors who condone and cover-up rape.  Fascinating how any Republican attack on a Democrat, no matter how outrageous or false, it’s perfectly okay but pointing out the truth about Republicans is “beyond the pale.”

The Rule of Law

Eric Holder announces, rightly, that the scumbag terrorists who masterminded 9-11 will be tried at the site of their horrific crime, the Southern District of New York, before a civilian judge and jury.  The Right-Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus and the Republic Party (which has become so debased that support for torture is now a litmus test) go berserk.  John Cornyn denounces the Constitution as mere “political ideology”.  Andrew Cohen does a good job of demolishing some of the more hyperbolic claims.  What is the deal with conservatives’ by now reflexive hatred of the jury system, either civil or criminal?  Is it because only juries can check the power of the large corporations and economic aristocracy the GOP serves like a dutiful hand-maiden?  Is it because, Republican opposition to “big government” notwithstanding, only juries can check the kind of tyrannical power Republicans believe that presidents (but only Republican presidents) can wield?

This trial will be important for the same reason the Nuremberg Trials were important: it will demonstrate to the world that our system–democracy and the rule of law–is superior to brutal, repressive theocratic tyranny.  The Republicans would do well to get on the right side of history, morality and traditional American values.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald, as usual, has an excellent take.  Why do Right-Wingers have so little faith in America?

What’s the Matter with Texas?

Dubya’s popularity is a scant 39%, though that still makes him more popular than Landslide Perry who is now hovering at 34%. And Cornyn holds only a four point lead on Rick Noriega. And both Obama and Clinton are polling at 43%, to McCain’s 48% (against Obama) and 49% (against Clinton). Given that Rasmussen has always had a tendency to skew Republican, this is potentially very explosive stuff. Texas hasn’t really been in play in a Presidential election since 1976, though the potential was there in 1996 had Bill Clinton not blown the state off. If even Texas is looking a little purple, then McCain is in serious, serious trouble.

UPDATE: A Research 2000 poll seems to confirm the Rasmussen results. So what gives? Neither Cornyn nor Kay Bailey Hutchinson have gotten just huge amounts of coverage lately, yet her approval ratings leave his in the dust, so it’s hard to write this off as the Dubya anchor dragging down all GOP boats. Could it be that after a decade-long deathgrip on statewide office and the Legislature, the Republican brand name has fallen so far that it’s Hutchinson who’s the exception and Perry and Dubya the rule?

Texas Blue?

A good column from Paul Burka on the outstanding turnout in the Democratic Primary and the possibility of renewal for Texas Democrats. Put me in the “cautiously pessimistic” column on that. If we see a new Blue trend, it will have less to do with Democratic competence than (as at the national level) GOP incompetence, cupidity and arrogance. Also, Democrats will have to depend on a high level of Republican ennui, which isn’t really a strong foundation for a re-alignment. In decreasing order of likelihood, I could see A) winning a statewide judicial race; B) winning control of the State House; or C) Rick Noriega beating Cornyn.

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Rush Limbaugh hates the troops! Quick! Someone get to the floor of the Senate with a meaningless paper fig leaf of fake indignation!

UPDATE: The conspiracy spreads! Now FOXNews hates the troops, too! We’re going to need more resolutions.

UPDATE 2: ZOMG! The American Conservative is in on it, too!

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John Cornyn Swoons!!

Heavens to Murgatroid! The sheer, vicious hatred of those awful Lefties! Thank Heavens Conservatives would NEVER engage in that sort of brutal personal attack against Our Boys In Uniform.
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John Cornyn…

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