Important Safety Tip

Probably not a good idea to execute search warrants based on anonymous tips from psychics. Expecting the media to report on criminal justice issues is, of course, wishful thinking.

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Suffer the Little Children

An excellent NPR piece on child abduction by CPS in South Dakota.  THIS is why tribal sovereignty matters.  The yoneg government will continue to commit cultural genocide as long as it is allowed to do so with impunity.

Who Is Surprised By This?

Texas is dropping lunch on the weekends for prisoners.  Shocking?  Please!  Texas would use the rendered fat of prisoners for candles if not for Federal judges.

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Shorter Second Circuit:

“Yeah, yeah, it’s real sad how you were screwed out of your land and all but any remedy might possibly inconvenience white people who have grown accustomed to living on stolen land, so fuck off and die.”

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Down In Flames

Shanda Perkins, daughter of Gloria Gillaspie, last seen making Johnson County safe from dildos, will apparently not bring her unique perspective on justice to the State Board of Pardons and Paroles after all.  Pity.

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From Our “Couldn’t Happen to A Nicer Guy” Department…

Bush Administration Torture Mouthpieces are under fire.

Frankly, disbarment is too good for them.  These are exactly the kind of people who give lawyers a bad name by pimping out their principles and commitment to the rule of law for a mess of pottage.  As attorneys, we of course owe an ethical duty to our clients, but that is tempered by our oath to uphold the law and the Constitution.  We are specifically forbidden to break the law at the behest of our clients.  Yoo, Albert Gozales and Bybee are the worst kind of “shysters,” the kind who strain and stretch the law to the breaking point so they can tell a client what he wants to hear, not what he SHOULD hear, i.e., the truth.

Meet the New Boss…?

The Obama Administration cravenly seeks to overturn Michigan v. Jackson, which held that once the right to counsel is invoked, the police can no longer browbeat the accused into “voluntarily” waiving his rights and undergoing further interrogation.

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Shorter Supreme Court:

The Voting Rights Act does not require the creation of districts where white Democrats can win.”

Yes, I know that’s a little cynical, sort of like the DOJ’s decision under Bush I that the VRA required absolute proportionality, thereby packing minorities into overwhelmingly majority-minority districts and costing white Democrats enough seats to ultimate pave the way for 1994.  Or the Supreme Court’s decision that, shock of shocks, following this dictate resulted in the creation of districts that looked funny, and that evidently offends the Constitution.

Tort Reformers for Statism

Good analysis of Right-Wing hand-wringing over Wyeth v. Levine.  It has always astounded me how corporate “conservatives” are always in favor of decentralized, “state’s rights” small government…until it suits their purposes to be greater statists than any liberal ever dreamed of being.  Also, our economic overlords are sick and tired of all you peasants failing to show them proper deference.  Brilliant smackdown of this ludicrous neo-Randian Chamber of Commerce militia movement whining here.

Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Person

Presiding Judge Sharon Keller, very possibly the worst sitting judge in America today, may finally get her comeuppance from the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  Personally, I hope she does not resign and sticks it out until removed from office; it is long past time that light was shed on the Court of Criminal Appeals.