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upwards of 100,000 people marched in Raleigh against the Republican leadership of North Carolina. And you didn’t hear a damn thing about it. Where’s that “liberal media” again?

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Your Liberal Media At Work

Once again, the Lamestream Media advances Socialist Dogma

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Luke Russert: Douchebag

Nice to see the official posterboy for mainstream media nepotism isn’t afraid to get out there and ask the tough questions

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Pantaloons In Combustion

So, why do Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney lie?  Because they get away with it, they pay no price.  For the most part, the media either ignores their lies or credulously repeats them without challenge.  It’s become so commonplace for the supine Mainstream Media to tolerate Republican lies, it’s an amazing story when someone in the media actually calls them out.  Since lies aren’t even called lies in the main body of stories about the lies, the MSM creates entirely separate fact-checking operations to research the lies…which the Romney campaign then promptly ignores.  Republicans have been allowed to create an alternate reality, utterly un-moored to the real world, and they never pay a price for it.

Tim Pawlenty Is A REAL Republican Now

Having finally shaken off the oppressive shackles of Minnesota politeness, T-Paw joins the big leagues of Right Wing race-baiting by asking a Latina reporter if she understands English.

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You Say You Want A Revolution?

Have you been following all the breathless, wall-to-wall coverage of angry constituents confronting GOP lawmakers over their pro-corporate billionaire policies?

Wait, what do you mean there’s no coverage?  Isn’t this JUST like the Tea Party “revolution” that was “sweeping the nation” back in 2009?  Huh, weird.  Why, you might even think the MSM is nothing but a mindless collection of corporate stooges who exist only to placate the masses and preserve the status quo.  But that’s CRAZY talk!

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Now THAT’S the John McCain I Used to Admire!

Good to see him back to his old mavericky self.  Hope he sticks with it this time.

In a related story, Krugman has a typically brilliant piece on the politically correct cult of centrism that dominates the media.  A combination of moral relativism and journalistic laziness is destroying the environment for honest, sane political debate.

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Scenes From the Revolution

Sire, the peasants are revolting!

You said it.  They stink on ice!

Astonishingly, the general public seems not be buying the GOP line that we must slash non-defense discretionary spending and ONLY non-defense discretionary spending (i.e., government programs that help people besides millionaires).  Stay tuned.

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You Can See Where This Is Headed

Overwhelming majorities want the Republicans to compromise.

Republicans are publicly committed to NEVER compromise, ever, on any issue.

Therefore, come January of 2011, the MSM will be full of Very Serious People opining that Obama should “move to the middle.”

Three Certainties

  1. Turnout for the One Nation Rally, even without months of flogging on cable teevee, was as large or larger than Beckapalooza;
  2. The Corporate Media will either ignore this entirely or run it below the tides schedules on page YY23; and
  3. The Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus will circulate doctored cherry-picked pics to “prove” than only 3 people attended One Nation (and two of them were Al Gore) and one hundred eleventy billion zillion were at Beckstock.

UPDATE: More on the One Nation Rally turnout.  And yet another example of why the term “Professional Left” is an oxymoron

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