BREAKING! Ron Paul Upset White Man Might Be Treated Like Indian In His Imagination

Remember Wounded Knee! But only if it happens to white people!

Remember Wounded Knee! But only if it might happen to white people!

Shorter Ron Paul: The Wounded Knee Massacre isn’t really anything all that bad unless I can imagine it happening to a white man like Cliven Bundy.

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Always Remember, Kids!

It’s not a “mandate” unless it includes a majority of white people, preferably white men!

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How To Talk To White People

Joan Walsh makes a good point. Progressives are poorly served by rhetoric that alienates working-class whites.

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The Future of Math

If the Republic Party insists on continuing as the party of angry old white men, they are doomed.  And don’t blame the rednecks; privileged white kids at Ole Miss of all places shouted racist insults and burned Obama signs last night.  There is at least anecdotal evidence of other well-educated people giving themselves over to a sort of mass hysteria that simply would not exist if Obama was white guy Barry O’Toole from Schenectady.  I’ll talk about this at length more later, and let me emphasize that this is not an indictment of all Republicans as knuckle-dragging racists, but based upon the reactions I’ve seen so far I see little to no evidence that the GOP is in the mood for any sort of reflective soul-searching.

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Keep it Classy, Scott Brown!

His asshole staffers get caught doing “Indian war whoops” and “tomahawk chops” on camera.  As has been extensively documented, Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Cherokee (now, apparently, Cherokee AND Delaware) ancestry are risible.  That being said, Scott Brown doesn’t give two shits about Indian issues and his followers seem to be dominated by ignorant, racist jacklegs.

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Dog Whistle? More Like Airhorn

Sitting Republican Member of Congress appears on a radio show hosted by avowed white nationalists. Outcry? Please!

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What You Say vs. What I Hear

When You Say… I Hear…
“Now this might not be politically correct, but…” “I’m about to say something stupid and/or racist but I feel brave about it.”
“Some of my best friends are black.” “I have never met a black person in my life and frankly the very idea scares the shit out of me.”
“It’s just like Nazi Germany/Hitler!” “I am completely and totally ignorant of world history.”
“The Civil War wasn’t about slavery.” “I am completely and totally ignorant of American history.”
“Barack Obama is a socialist/communist.” “I have no idea what Obama’s policies are nor do I have any idea what the word ‘socialist’ means.”
“You can’t prove that it’s not true!” “I lack the knowledge of logic and reason found in junior high debate classes.”
“That’s against God’s will.” “I have never actually read the Bible and wouldn’t know it if you smacked me upside the head with the King James Version.”
“Homosexuals are destroying America.” “I am so far in the closet I can see Narnia from here.”
“Indians should just get over it.” “Please smack me in the mouth.”
“My great great grandmother was a Cherokee princess.” “Please smack me in the mouth.”
“America was founded as a Christian Nation.” “I am completely and totally ignorant of American history.”
“It’s well-documented…” “I’m totally pulling this out of my ass.”
“I want the government out of my life.” “I want the government in your life.”
“I’m sick of all these welfare moochers.” “I hate that any tax money goes to brown people.”
“Tax cuts pay for themselves.” “I don’t understand arithmetic.”
“I don’t need any help from the government.” “I would starve to death in my own filth without government assistance.”
“Illegal aliens need to go back where they came from.” “Irony escapes me.”
“I want a small Federal government.” “I want a police state for everyone but me.”
“Muslim extremists are taking over America.” “I want Christian extremists to take over America.”
“Bring back prayer in public school.” “Bring back Right Wing protestant evangelical prayer personally approved by me in public school.”
“Corporations are people, my friend.” “Unicorns are real.”
“Voter ID is just common sense.” “I’m upset that Negroes and poor people are allowed to vote.”
“We just want to Take Back America.” “I’m upset that Negroes and poor people are allowed to vote.”

Tim Pawlenty Is A REAL Republican Now

Having finally shaken off the oppressive shackles of Minnesota politeness, T-Paw joins the big leagues of Right Wing race-baiting by asking a Latina reporter if she understands English.

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Florida GOP Admits Voter ID Was All About “keeping blacks from voting”

I know, right?

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Good on You, Jim Sensenbrenner!!

Yes, not something I expected to say either, but Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) deserves an “atta boy” for A) not only defending a Muslim-America; B) not only standing up to Michelle Bachmann (R-Arkham Asylum) but most importantly C) calling down a constituent for pushing bigotry and paranoia.  Lucky for Bachmann, though, bloated Tiffany’s-loving joke Newt Gingrich has got her back.  Ooooh, and I bet John McCain (who also called out Bachmann) is really shaking in his boots to hear that perennial asshole Louie Gohmert is pissed at him!