The Gospel According to Ayn Rand

American Christianity, and in particular Evangelical Protestantism and especially the blasphemous “Health and Wealth Gospel,” has long been used as a figleaf for an economic system that is utterly at odds with actual, Biblical Christianity. You cannot serve two masters, to paraphrase Scriptures, you cannot love both Christ and Ayn Rand. Pope Francis gets it; why can’t Paul Ryan?

Great Moments In Religious Freedom

Patriotic Christian horribly oppressed by evil Muslim student wielding Al Jazeera camera.

So, the new definition of “Religious Freedom” is the “freedom” not to be asked why you are a bigoted asshole…

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Religion, Incorporated

First impressions of oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby case, which could potentially result in extending constitutional freedom of religion rights to corporations. Corporations, mind you. This is a case brought by a corporation (albeit a privately held one) NOT an individual. This Supreme Court has already ruled, in Citizens United, that corporations have free speech rights; where does it stop? Could corporations adopt children (The Truman Show)? Could a corporation marry? Vote? Run for office? And how do we decide what religion a corporation is? Will it be like kingdoms during the Reformation and the peasants adopt whatever religion the King has? Is it the same religion as the CEO or the largest shareholder? Could a corporation vote by majority vote of the shareholders? May a shareholder sue the corporation for not fulfilling its religion duties (staying open on the Sabbath, for example; or selling non-kosher products)? And which religious beliefs are valid? Can I decide my corporation has a religious objection to environmental laws? The minimum wage? Workplace safety laws?

It’s utterly asinine to extend Constitutional rights to paper entities like corporations. There is no valid theory to uphold it, certainly not Original Intent, as corporations as we know them did not even exist at the time the Constitution was written. The only reason for the Supreme Court to even consider this ridiculous claim is the majority’s utterly loathing of President Obama and pro-corporate bent.


UPDATE: Justice Kennedy apparently thinks this is a case about abortion. That is potentially very bad news for people who don’t want their employer deciding what kind of birth control they can use.

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Religious Liberty: Conservative Evangelicals Only Need Apply

“Religious Freedom” is now used as a euphemism for discriminating against gay people. Back in the day, it was applied to the God-given right to discriminate against non-white people. Of course, if Arizona had gotten it’s way, the law could’ve backfired against them in all sorts of hilarious ways, much like Louisiana’s effort to direct taxpayer dollars to church schools did when the bill’s author learned to her horror that not everyone in Louisiana is a Christian.

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Is the Tea Party Christian?

A much better article than my own ruminations clearly establishes that the answer is “no”.  Neither Ayn Rand’s rancid Objectivism nor warmed-over Glibertarianism, both central (along with eye-rolling paranoia and thinly-veiled racism) to the Tea Party are compatible with Christianity.

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Good on You, Jim Sensenbrenner!!

Yes, not something I expected to say either, but Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) deserves an “atta boy” for A) not only defending a Muslim-America; B) not only standing up to Michelle Bachmann (R-Arkham Asylum) but most importantly C) calling down a constituent for pushing bigotry and paranoia.  Lucky for Bachmann, though, bloated Tiffany’s-loving joke Newt Gingrich has got her back.  Ooooh, and I bet John McCain (who also called out Bachmann) is really shaking in his boots to hear that perennial asshole Louie Gohmert is pissed at him!

God and Mammon

One of these things is not like the other…

Let’s be clear about this, shall we?  You canNOT be a follower of both Ayn Rand and Christ.  If you think you are, you are fooling yourself.  And God is not mocked…

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Shorter Judson “Tea Party Nation” Phillips:

“I’m for freedom of religion; but only for MY religion.”

And just in time for Christmas!  Seriously, can someone explain to me why these whackjob, lunatic fringe, warmed over John Birchers are taken seriously?  Anyone?

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“Compassion” is Evidently No Longer a “Value”

Are there no charity hospitals?  Are there no pauper’s graves?

Once more, Christianity is perverted into nothing more than a moral fig leaf for an anti-Christian (and un-American) plutocratic economic policy.

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God Bless the Episcopal Church!

The Episcopal Church has voted overwhelmingly to repudiate the “Doctrine of Discovery,” an odious 19th Century legal doctrine which holds that white people gain title in fee simple to land inhabited by Indians just by looking at it or–if the white man happens to be a king or the Pope–just by looking at a map of it.  It’s been used for centuries as the basis for screwing Indians out of their land.  The Episcopalians also urged the United States to UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  While this vote has no legal effect, it is refreshing to see the Christian Church take a moral stand on this issue.