It’s The End of the World As They Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Overreact much?

Batman versus the Blob*

Seriously, why does anyone still listen to this bloated, shambling, drug-addled pervert? And what doesn’t say about the ongoing moral degeneracy of the Republic Party that they quake in mortal fear of such a creature?

*yes, I realize the Blob is a Marvel villain and The Batman is a DC hero, but I couldn’t resist.

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Who Could Possibly Have Foreseen…

…that allowing the oil industry to regulate itself could ever lead to negative consequences?

In other Oilpocalypse-related news, BP is composed of scumbag con-artists; FOX “News” is full of shit; and bloated, drug-addled windbag Rush Limbaugh is full of shit;

Limbaugh, FTW!!

Bloated, drug-addled narcissist threatens to leave country if “socialist” health care reform passes…and move to a country with a socialist health care system.  That’ll show us, Rush-bo!  Perhaps next he’ll protest illegal immigration by moving to Mexico.

The Great and Powerful Kos suggests a country with a more libertarian approach to healthcare.

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Mike Huckabee:

Ignorant, tasteless jackass.  It takes rare talent to cram that much stupid into one soundbite.

Media Matters has a round-up of more excretions from the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus.  Keep all this mind the next time you get a lecture on Republican “decency” and how “mean and hateful” the Left is.

Scaling Back?

A Washington Post article suggests Obama may be scaling down his healthcare reform proposal, with the idea that half a loaf is better than no loaf going into the 2010 mid-terms.  While this might make sense strategically, anything less than a whole loaf will be universally trumpeted in the MSM & Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus as a total, crushing defeat.  If the article is accurate, it points up Obama’s major weakness: his touchingly naive belief in bipartisanship.  He seems to genuinely believe there are Republicans of good conscience who will put aside ideology and work with him for the good of the nation.  There aren’t.  Having been pounded in two straight elections, Republicans have no idea what they are FOR but they do know what they are AGAINST: anything associated with Obama.  The President could adopt Ronald Reagan’s platform tomorrow verbatim and Rush Limbaugh would denounce it as “socialism” and Glenn Beck who wail that it was “just like Nazi Germany.”  The smaller the GOP gets, the meaner and crazier it gets, to the extent that a majority refuse to believe that Obama was born in America!  Does this sound like the kind of people who are going to listen to reason?  Any Republican member of Congress that might even think of cooperating risks being challenged by the inmates who are running the asylum.  This also means that liberals who want comprehensive healthcare reform need to lay off the Blue Dogs; without any Republican support, Obama has to have them to get anything done.

The Bonus Army

The Fed hid the bonuses from Geithner, who took his sweet time warning Obama.  Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh defends the poor put-upon millionaires who wrecked the economy, while his puppets in the GOP pretend to be outraged, and the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus compares the executives (favorably!) to Nazi scientists.

Circling the Drain

The ongoing self-immolation of the Republican Party.  And what can you say about people who consider George W. Bush “basically a liberal”?

Pat Robertson Denounces Rush Limbaugh…


for being mean to President Obama.  No, really.

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Signs & Portents

Mitt is out, but the Right still doesn’t trust McCain (and the Hard Right despises him), Democrats are still hugely outpolling and outvoting Republicans, once-reliable conservative voices are predicting a 1980-style “sea change” Blue Tide in November, and the Howler Monkeys are reduced to whistling past the graveyard in hoping Hillary gets the nomination.

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