Reality Bites

Very good article from the conservative press by former Reagan official Bruce Bartlett on why Republicans lost and are likely to keep losing. Spoiler alert: it’s because the inmates are running the asylum.

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The greatest lie corporate America ever invented was telling blue collar workers that it was the evil old unions who were responsible for plant closings and out-sourcing.  They are at it again with the Hostess liquidation.  I know we are in a post-fact age, but the facts are that Hostess was bought out by a Bain-style, vulture-capitalist private equity firm.  The facts are that management enriched itself with massive payoffs.  And the facts are that they attempted to pay for these for trying to force the workers to given up generous pensions that they had negotiated by giving up wage increases and other benefits, all this while steering the company onto the shoals in an economy that hasn’t been kind to the makers of junk food.  But rest assured, the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus will rush to their defense by blaming the victims.

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It’s The End of the World As They Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Overreact much?

The Future Is Past

Okay, so about a week out I’ll go ahead and make my long-awaited prediction:  Obama will carry every state he carried in 2008, less Indiana and possibly North Carolina and/or Florida.  Might also be a surprise and take Arizona.  I’ll also predict the Democrats will hold the Senate, and might even add 1 or 2, with the Republicans keeping the House, though I think their margin will be cut considerably.

Having said that, my prediction means (at least) another two years of complete gridlock.  If Obama really believes that his re-election will break the “fever blister” of Republican hysteria and obstinacy, he’s even more naive and narcissistic than I thought.  There are no moderate Republicans; there aren’t even really any sane Republicans left in Congress.  Even if there were, the Tea Party has sufficiently proven its ability to punish those who displease them that they will not take the risk of being seen to “cooperate” with the Muslim Nazi Kenya Usurper in the White House.  A GOP House will continue to refuse even a vote for any of Obama’s second term proposals; GOP Senators will continue to insist that 60 votes are required to conduct any business.  Assuming Romney loses, the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus will rail that he wasn’t conservative enough and insist on running a complete lunatic in 2016 (potentially good news for Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton).  I wish I was wrong on this, but I don’t think I am.

Romney Spokesperson Tells Truth…

Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus signals “death knell of campaign.”  No, seriously; that’s it.  No snark needed.

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Batman versus the Blob*

Seriously, why does anyone still listen to this bloated, shambling, drug-addled pervert? And what doesn’t say about the ongoing moral degeneracy of the Republic Party that they quake in mortal fear of such a creature?

*yes, I realize the Blob is a Marvel villain and The Batman is a DC hero, but I couldn’t resist.

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FOX “News” Is Lying

In other news, puppies and kittens are cute and the Earth revolves around the sun.  Here’s what’s REALLY pathetic about this story, though; it’s NOT that FOX “News” is nothing but a transparent propaganda shill for the Republic Party.  We already knew that.  It’s NOT that FOX “News” would blatantly edit footage to cast the Evil Kenyan Usurper in the worst possible light.  No, that just means it’s Thursday.  The REALLY pathetic thing about this story is that NO ONE covers this story, or even mentions the obvious lies, except for a comedian on a comedy network.

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Republicans Are Wussies

The tender hothouse flowers of the Right Wing are once again overcome by the vapors at the vicious partisanship of President Obama.  For a gang that has no problem accusing its opponents of being traitors, terrorist-lovers, America-haters, racists and soldier-haters, Republicans can sure dish it out, but they can’t take it.  Poor boo-boos.

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Scenes From the Revolution

Sire, the peasants are revolting!

You said it.  They stink on ice!

Astonishingly, the general public seems not be buying the GOP line that we must slash non-defense discretionary spending and ONLY non-defense discretionary spending (i.e., government programs that help people besides millionaires).  Stay tuned.

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Glenn Beck: Batshit Insane

In his latest brain-spewing, Beck analyzes geo-political trends worldwide.  And by “analyze” I mean “flings his own shit at a dry erase board while screeching like a chimpanzee.”  It’s really, truly impossible to over state just how droolingly insane this man is. Just watch him and Rush Limbaugh, preferably with the sound off. It’s a con to Limbaugh; he’s an actor. You can see it in his oxycontin-beclouded eyes. If he could make money as a liberal, he’d be the first one calling for nationalizing the means of production and a dictatorship of the proletariat. Now watch Beck in all his glory; he believes that shit. He really truly honestly in his heart-of-hearts believes that if he writes the words “Mao” and “Obama” on his magic dry erase board and then draws a line between them, that definitely proves that Barack Obama is a member of Shining Path. It’s no wonder that violent lunatics like Byron Williams are drawn to Glenn Beck–they recognize a kindred spirit.

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