Chicken Salad or Chicken Shit?

Rant Begins:

I can think of no better example of just how pathetic and debased American politics, religion and culture have become than this dust-up over Chick-Fil-A and gay marriage.  First, you have the ever-expanding whiny sense of victimhood that permeates our society:  if Christian conservatives call for the boycott of a corporation for SUPPORTING gay marriage, well, that’s just the Lord’s work.  But if liberals call for a boycott of a corporation for OPPOSING gay marriage, GOOD LORD ‘N’ BUTTER, it’s the Apocalypse!  The forces of Satan are reaching down to destroy the First Amendment!  Also, MOOSLIMS!!!!  Second, it says so much about the current rotten state of the Institutional Church in America that the only way people will publicly affirm their faith is by STANDING IN LINE TO BUY JUNK FOOD.  Consumerism and Christianity, formerly the twin pillars of our national culture, merge into one giant greasy glob.  Notice, we have Christians standing in line NOT to buy food for hungry people (something Jesus actually told us to do); nooooooo, they are buying junk food so that the rich man who owns the junk food company will have more money to donate to organizations that oppose gay marriage (I’ll let you comb through your New Testament to see how much Jesus had to say on the topic of homosexuals, much less homosexuals getting married).  Third, you have politicians (David Dewhurst) and political grifters (Sarah Palin) falling all over themselves to cash in on the trend because God (literally!) forbid we maintain even the slightest amount of dignity, restraint or maturity in our leaders.  Fourth, what’s the best response the pro-marriage equality people can come up with? A kiss-in!  Seriously?  That’s it?  That’s the very best idea y’all could come up with?  What, precisely, are you going to accomplish with this?  How many hearts and minds will you change?  Better idea, and this is free from me to you, go back to using those ‘gay money’ stamps.  Demonstrate your power in the marketplace.  Or push ahead with your boycott.  Trust me, ground up chicken parts aren’t going to stop gay marriage and kissing isn’t going to bring it.

Rant ends.


I’ve Never Cared for Margaret Thatcher…

…until now.  I can’t wait for the frantic Twits that Thatcher was always really a socialist.

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I Can’t Imagine…

…why anyone would associate the Tea Partiers with extremist rhetoric and thinly-veiled threat of violence

And of course the real victim here is Sarah Palin.

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Words Fail Me

Just when I think it is not humanly possible for Sarah Palin to get any dumber, this comes along.

And how fitting that this empty suit should ghoulishly exploit the 9-11 anniversary with a despicable fear-mongering scumbag like Glenn Beck?

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SARAH! Palin: Fightin’ For the Little Guy

And bendy straws.

And a Lear jet (60 or bigger, of course)

And pre-screened questions (no socialist teleprompter needed!)

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Kay Bailey Hutchison:

“I’m not a quitter like Sarah Palin; I’m just a two-faced hypocrite.”

On the other hand, Senator Hutchison deserve credit for sparing us from the Biblical catastrophe of Rick Perry picking her replacement.  US Senator Dale Robertson, anyone?

Republicans Eat Their Own, Part Two

Just getting warmed up in Upstate New York, the Glenn Beckians set their sights on other heretics.

Obviously, it’s early in the presidential process yet, but I can’t help but notice that the stars seem to be aligning for a lunatic fringe Republican nominee in 2012…


I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.


Jim Inhofe:

Grand Marshall of the Nutburger Parade. Imagine, just for one second, what would’ve happened if a Democratic senator had announced he was assembling a “squad” to go overseas for the expressed purpose of deliberately undermining George W. Bush’s foreign policy?  But then, apparently it’s perfectly okay to criticize the President of the United States on foreign soil…if the President happens to be a Democrat.

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To the delight of stand-up comedians, Saturday Night Live writers and Democrats everywhere, Sarah Palin promises to “stay visible” and “give serious consideration” to running for President in 2012.  The base of the Republican Party (which, really, is all that’s left) seems bound and determined to mount a Goldwater-esque kamikazee run in 2012.  President Obama couldn’t ask for better news if he paid for it.

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2008 may or may not have been 1932 (and I’m inclined to think it was not), but the GOP seems determined to make 2012 into 1964.  Insert your own political analogy here:

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