Kay Bailey Hutchison:

“I’m not a quitter like Sarah Palin; I’m just a two-faced hypocrite.”

On the other hand, Senator Hutchison deserve credit for sparing us from the Biblical catastrophe of Rick Perry picking her replacement.  US Senator Dale Robertson, anyone?

Dear Republican Friends…

…please explain to me how using obscure procedural rules to cancel a hearing that US military commanders had flown halfway around the world to attend because of pique over the healthcare bill does not mean your party is lead by a gang of pathetic, mewling, infantile crybabies.  Thanks.

This Is What It Has Come To

Republican Senators are upset because mean, nasty “Leftists” are pointing out the truth:  by opposing Al Franken’s amendment, they voted to protect large defense contractors who condone and cover-up rape.  Fascinating how any Republican attack on a Democrat, no matter how outrageous or false, it’s perfectly okay but pointing out the truth about Republicans is “beyond the pale.”

Senate Arcanum

An interesting overview of the convoluted, Byzantine rules by which the Greatest Deliberative Body in the World operates and how they might apply to the healthcare reform debate.  It’s a bitter irony that Democrats loved these rules when they were in the minority and Republicans bitterly denounced them as “undemocratic” and “unconstitutional.”  What a difference two elections make.

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The State of the Debate

Good article from Nate Silver on the various threats to Health Care Reform from the Right and the Left.

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David Vitter:

Cowardly chickenshit.  I understand that Republicans need all the votes they can get in the Senate, really I do.  After all, Democrats have to hold their noses while the likes of Joe Lieberman stab them in the back.  But I cannot for the life of me fathom how any Republican with a shred of conscience can support a hypocritical, venal, racist, perverted waste of oxygen like Vitter is beyond my ability to comprehend.

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…but not surprising.  All but 10 Senate Republicans vote to protect Halliburton’s right to cover-up the gang-rape of its’ employees.  Senator Al Franken continues to rise in my estimation.

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(Possibly) Good News

Marginal joke candidate Al Franken (who should never have been placed within 300 miles of an actual ballot) has apparently been confirmed by the Minnesota Supreme Court as winner of the 2008 Senatorial election.  I’m sorry, I like Al Franken.  He’s a funny guy.  But it was ludicrous for the DFL to nominate someone with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever for such an important contest.  Virtually any other candidate would have whipped Norm Coleman like a runty dog and spared the state this kind of humiliation.

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Judge Sotomayor Must Be Doing Something Right

She’s already facing shallow, insipid attacks from the allegedly mainstream media.

A Specter Is Haunting Pennsylvania

Early warning signs that Arlen Specter may not be as Democratic as Democrats might prefer.  And Specter’s conversion may, thanks to arcane Senate rules, spell trouble for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.