A Specter Is Haunting Pennsylvania

Early warning signs that Arlen Specter may not be as Democratic as Democrats might prefer.  And Specter’s conversion may, thanks to arcane Senate rules, spell trouble for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.


Obama In Texas

An analysis of the presidential election results in Texas from BOR.  Significantly, even though Obama’s overall percentage was higher than Kerry’s, he actually UNDERperformed Kerry in 100 counties.  In the rest of the country, Obama outperformed Kerry in nearly all demographic groups.  In other news, Democrats nearly swept all judicial races in Harris County, despite a disappointingly low turnout.  Even though Republicans won all the statewide races, their margins were down to 51-52% and Democrats managed to saw down the GOP margin in the State House to just one seat, and possibly a tie pending results from Dallas County.  To me, this suggests that Texas is at least purpling and it will hopefully encourage more Democrats to compete statewide in 2010.

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