Speaking of Makers vs. Takers…

Rarely (in fact, pretty much never) heard from the Great Ayn Rand Party is the fact that it’s mostly Republican states which receive back more in Federal dollars than they pay into the system in Federal taxes and the largest concentrations of the infamous 47% moochers are found in, you guessed it, Red States.

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Let Me See If I’ve Got This Right…

Mitt Romney repeats a time-worn (and wrong) Right Wing chestnut–namely, that half the country are lazy welfare bums who don’t pay taxes–and everyone’s up in arms? How’s that again? The only mystery, and it isn’t much, is why Right Wingers are so upset about people NOT paying taxes. What’s up with that, right? You thought Republicans hated taxes. Well, they do, but only taxes on REAL AMERICANS, i.e., John Galt, or Mitt Romney. The 47% myth plays into two deeply-held Right Wing beliefs: first, poor people suck. Poor people (especially brown poor people) are lazy parasites who should be brutalized for their moral failing in being poor. Second, Right Wingers fervently believe that the only reason the poors and the coloreds vote for the “Democrat” Party is because they are being bribed with all that welfare money confiscated from the Almighty Job Creator Class (put aside the facts of where and who the 47% really are). If only they had “skin in the game,” then they’d hate welfare and become good honest Republicans. Here’s the harsh reality: the flailing incompetent Romney Campaign has decided this will be a base election. Therefore, he’s going to toss as much red meat as possible to the Ayn Rand cultist base of the GOP. The only thing surprising about this “shocking” leaked video is that it’s not part of Willard’s stump speech. Yet.

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