Mortal Remains

There’s a museum in Germany that displays Indian scalps. And before you get too self-righteous about the Germans, keep in mind that it wasn’t that long ago that Indian remains were on display in American museums.

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This Is What It Has Come To

Republican Senators are upset because mean, nasty “Leftists” are pointing out the truth:  by opposing Al Franken’s amendment, they voted to protect large defense contractors who condone and cover-up rape.  Fascinating how any Republican attack on a Democrat, no matter how outrageous or false, it’s perfectly okay but pointing out the truth about Republicans is “beyond the pale.”


…but not surprising.  All but 10 Senate Republicans vote to protect Halliburton’s right to cover-up the gang-rape of its’ employees.  Senator Al Franken continues to rise in my estimation.

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(Possibly) Good News

Marginal joke candidate Al Franken (who should never have been placed within 300 miles of an actual ballot) has apparently been confirmed by the Minnesota Supreme Court as winner of the 2008 Senatorial election.  I’m sorry, I like Al Franken.  He’s a funny guy.  But it was ludicrous for the DFL to nominate someone with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever for such an important contest.  Virtually any other candidate would have whipped Norm Coleman like a runty dog and spared the state this kind of humiliation.

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And Then There Were Fifty-Nine…

Arlen Specter crosses the aisle.  Welcome aboard, Senator!

Is it political self-preservation?  Sure it is and my opinion of party-switchers hasn’t changed; if you are going to do it, you should immediately resign and run in a special election.  For God’s sake, don’t have less integrity than Phil Gramm!  And this move will only encourage more judicial intransigence by Norm Coleman.  Still, it’s nicer to be on the giving end than the receiving end of this sort of news for a change.