John Wayne Galt

Entire books could be written about the repulsive philosophy of Ayn Rand: racist, virulently anti-Christian, cultish. I never seek to be astonished at the number of self-proclaimed “conservative Christians” who claim to support her views, indicating they’ve likely never read her works or the Bible. Here are some excerpts of particularly  vile comments she made before the West Point Graduating class of 1974, defending among other things slavery and the genocide of Native Americans. She also parrots what is now a standard  bizarre Right Wing trope: liberals are the REAL racists for accusing people of racism.

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Speaking of Makers vs. Takers…

Rarely (in fact, pretty much never) heard from the Great Ayn Rand Party is the fact that it’s mostly Republican states which receive back more in Federal dollars than they pay into the system in Federal taxes and the largest concentrations of the infamous 47% moochers are found in, you guessed it, Red States.

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The Grand Ayn Rand Party

They just can’t help themselves: yet more Galtian Cult commentary from the Republicans.  Guys, ask the Reagan Era Democrats how great a strategy it is to openly mock and disparage a big chunk of the electorate.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the State

Interesting article from Slate about Robert Nozick and the history and rancid philosophical underpinnings of Libertarianism.

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Is the Tea Party Christian?

A much better article than my own ruminations clearly establishes that the answer is “no”.  Neither Ayn Rand’s rancid Objectivism nor warmed-over Glibertarianism, both central (along with eye-rolling paranoia and thinly-veiled racism) to the Tea Party are compatible with Christianity.

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God and Mammon

One of these things is not like the other…

Let’s be clear about this, shall we?  You canNOT be a follower of both Ayn Rand and Christ.  If you think you are, you are fooling yourself.  And God is not mocked…

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