Wherein I Respectfully Disagree

I disagree with the notion that Hillary Clinton has no responsibility to answer for Bill Clinton’s policies for two reasons:

1) He’s a former Democratic President who made policy decisions (NAFTA, Welfare Reform, the Crime Bill) that are still affecting the country today. It’s altogether fitting and proper to ask the current nominee of the Democratic Party whether she agrees with those policies, whether they’ve proven to be mistakes over time, and what if anything she would change about them. And;

2) Hillary Clinton was never a traditional First Lady. She was, and was presented to the public as, a trusted policy advisor to Bill. She was in charge of his disastrous healthcare reform effort. Just like any other former Clinton Administration figure, it’s entirely right both to hold her accountable for his policies she agreed with and press her on which of his policies she would change, if any.

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Conservative Hypocrisy Watch

If Barack Obama endorses the exact same Israel-Palestine position as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (carefully edited by CBS to stir the shit), that is “disrespect”[ing] Israel and throwing her “under the bus.”  Makes perfect sense, right?

Buckle Up

A leader of the Right Wing attack on the Clintons now says the coming attacks on Obama will make that campaign look like a church picnic.

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The American People Have Gone Commie

Alert Glenn Beck.

The takeaway point from this article (which has an extremely misleading title, incidentally) is that most Americans have no idea just how badly they are getting screwed by the plutocratic economy that’s been grinding them down for 30+ years.  That being said, do I expect Democrats to immediately seize on economic fairness as a campaign issue?  Oh Hell, no!  That ship sailed, at the latest, when Bill Clinton sold us out on NAFTA.

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Column for 26 September, 2010


“When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stouthearted.”

–Psalm 138:3

It is axiomatic that mid-term elections are a referendum on the party in power.  In 2002, George W. Bush got a boost due to public perception of his leadership in the wake of the 9/11 Attacks.  Plus, he hadn’t yet lied the country into a bloody fiasco in Iraq, though the planning was well underway.  In 1994, Republicans took both ends of the Capitol Building in a massive repudiation of Bill Clinton, though it was also partly due to Democratic corruption scandals and the historical 30-year trend of the Republicanization of the South.  Mostly, though, it was due to Clinton’s stunning political ineptitude.  First, he demoralized his own base by shoving NAFTA through an extremely reluctant Congress.  Next, he badly fumbled health-care reform, something that should have been a winning issue.  His clumsy handling of the issue of gays in the military managed to aggravate both sides while pleasing no one.  Now Barack Obama is facing his first mid-terms, and there are some similarities to 1994.  Obama’s approval ratings hover in the mid 40’s, about where Clinton was (and about where Ronald Reagan was in 1982).  Much like Barack Obama today, Clinton drove Right Wingers insane.  And by “insane,” I don’t mean “whimsically eccentric”; I mean “clinically psychotic.”  Bill Clinton was a murderer, a drug dealer, the mastermind behind the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Obama is a secret Muslim born in Kenya, a Communist, a Nazi, the Anti-Christ.  Like 1994, this level of drooling insane paranoia fires up a rabid base the Republic Party is willing to exploit: back then, it was the Militia Movement, now it’s the Tea Partiers, both essentially warmed-over reincarnations of the John Birchers (or, as we call them in Texas, Republicans).  Just as then, the Democrats’ liberal base is disenchanted, partly due to unrealistic expectations, but also legitimate disappointment over missed opportunities.  There are, however, significant differences.  Barack Obama, unlike Clinton, goes into the election with an impressive string of legislative victories: a stimulus package, Wall Street reform, rescues of the banking and automotive industries, and of course, healthcare reform, succeeding where Clinton failed.  None of these successes, though, are particularly popular with the general public.  The reason why relates to Obama’s main problem:   After winning by a (more…)

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Everything Old is New Again

Glenn Greenwald agrees with me that the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus attacks on Obama’s legitimacy have less to do with race and more to do with their refusal to admit that anyone but themselves are fit to rule.  We went through exactly the same sort of paranoid, delusional idiocy while Bill Clinton was president.  Certainly, there is a racist element out there that despises Obama for daring to be a black man in power, but I feel certain there are more people who hate him for being a Democrat than there are those who hate him for being black.

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Column for 7 June, 2009

The Life of the Party

“Then I said to them, ‘You see the trouble we are in:  Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire.  Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace.’”

                                                                                                            –Nehemiah 12:17

In 1974, following a Democratic congressional landslide and Richard Nixon’s forced abdication, there was quite a bit of talk about the extinction of the Republican Party, some of it coming from Republicans themselves.  Just six years later, Ronald Reagan triumphed, becoming the first candidate to defeat an incumbent president since 1932 and ushering in a major realignment of American politics.  When Democrats were turned out of Congress in 1994, and especially after George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004, many pundits heralded the coming of a permanent Republican electoral majority.  Now, the GOP lies in tatters–hemorrhaging supporters, disorganized, demoralized and bankrupt fiscally, morally and politically.  (more…)