Drama Queen of the Day

Bryan Fischer, hateful racist asshole formerly of the American Family Association, with an over-the-top screed on the Dictator Obama daring to restore the historic name of sacred Mt. Denali in Alaska.

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Putin and the Right: Remember When?


The American Right Wing has always had a disturbing man-crush on Vladimir Putin, they just seem to have forgotten it lately. Even now, though, some like Cong. Mike Rogers can’t help slipping in a little praise for Putin as they bash Obama.

And While We’re At It…

Bryan Fischer, go straight to Hell, you sanctimonious, blasphemous piece of shit.  You are an affront to God every time you open your mouth.  How DARE you presume to speak for the Almighty?

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Attention Republican Women!

Mitt Romney kowtows to Bryan Fischer.  Bryan Fischer thinks you should not be allowed to hold political office.  The Tea Party in Mississippi thinks you shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.  Any questions?

Bryan Fischer: Chickenhawk?

Blogfriend Rob Schmidt has more on Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’s repulsive, cowardly, racist, genocide-apologist.  SPOILER:  It ain’t good.

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Stupid White Man of the Week: Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association, wins this week’s Stupid White Man Award for his charming thesis that Indians were “morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil” due to being stupid, horny, pagan savages.  And no, I’m not paraphrasing here.  This is pretty much verbatim.  Oh, and Indians continue to get what they deserve (poverty, alcoholism, etc.) due to their failure to embrace Christianity.

I respectfully suggest that Mr. Fischer is not “morally qualified” to kiss my rosy Cherokee ass.

UPDATE: Racist jackass Bryan Fischer has cravenly pulled his column, upset that the mean ol’ “Left” pointed out that he is, in fact, a racist jackass and genocide apologist.  Apparently, America is not “mature enough” for “a dialogue” about how Indians all deserved to die because they were stupid, horny, pagan savages.   The only thing worse than a racist jackass, Mr. Fischer, is a cowardly racist jackass.

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