Scenes From the Revolution

Sire, the peasants are revolting!

You said it.  They stink on ice!

Astonishingly, the general public seems not be buying the GOP line that we must slash non-defense discretionary spending and ONLY non-defense discretionary spending (i.e., government programs that help people besides millionaires).  Stay tuned.

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Profiles in Courage

Republican budget-cutting proposals are a load of crap.  Try to contain your astonishment.

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The Ugly Truth About the Deficit

A series of brilliant graphs that indicate better than anything I’ve ever seen why 90% of the people (and 99.9% of the politicians) who say they want to “cut government spending” and “reduce the deficit” are actually full of Grade A bullshit.

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What is the Right Wing Up To These Days?

Shilling for a Marie Antoinette budget of stupifying insanity.  And bitchin’.  Lots and lots of bitchin’.  Sigh.  Gonna be a LONG four years.

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