The Other Shoe Drops

In a move of apparently breathtaking chutzpuh, the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court (itself very probably illegal), dominated by appointees of former Principal Chief Chad Smith, has just voted to disenfranchise Freedmen voters on the eve of a new election for Principal Chief!  The decision studiously avoids the merits of the case and instead cops out by claiming the court lacks jurisdiction to determine the issue.  Absolutely unbelievable.  By removing a bloc of voters who cast ballots in the June 25 election and were almost certainly opposed to Chad Smith, the CN Supreme Court has staged the the most nakedly transparent judicial overthrow of a democratic election since Bush v. Gore.

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News from the Nation

I’ve been behind the curve in blogging on Cherokee election news.  Let me try to make up for that with a shameless plug for Bill John Baker for Principal Chief.  The tribal Supreme Court threw out the results of the original election due to flagrant incompetence (and very likely corruption).  The new election has been set for September 24.

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The Great Debate

The Cornsilks, Judge Steve Russell and I (along with many others) ride into cyber-battle in defense of the truth, history and Cherokee culture as it relates to the Freedmen.

Cherokee Role Model?

Some discussion of Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford, an enrolled but evidently thoroughly assimilated Cherokee.  And more at John Cornsilk’s Place.  I have to say, Chief Smith’s clumsy transparent efforts to exploit this young man for PR purposes make me cringe.

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