Ignorance is Strength

An anti-science ignorant zealot was made Chairman of the House Science Committee and given broad powers of subpoena. Can you guess what happened next?

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Democracy for Sale

The “US” Chamber of Commerce is financed by foreign oil interests.  Big European polluters are funding the campaigns of Republican climate-change deniers.  And, in a not-at-all-surprising example of biting the hand that feeds, corporations that received bailout money are donating big wads to…the Republicans.  I know, right?  Fetch the smelling salts!

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The Extra “F” is for “Fail”

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Absurdistan) took his dog and pony show to Copenhagen, only to discover that the European press doesn’t roll over and play dead like the corporate media lapdogs he’s used to in America.  I think “ridiculous” about sums it up.

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Jim Inhofe:

Grand Marshall of the Nutburger Parade. Imagine, just for one second, what would’ve happened if a Democratic senator had announced he was assembling a “squad” to go overseas for the expressed purpose of deliberately undermining George W. Bush’s foreign policy?  But then, apparently it’s perfectly okay to criticize the President of the United States on foreign soil…if the President happens to be a Democrat.

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