Bottom Line…

…repeat of the last debate in terms of style/presentation, meaning advantage Obama. Kind of confused by Mitt’s bold strategy of fighting to agree with Obama every chance he got. Took Obama two good debates to wash off the stench from his first performance. Substance? Please. America has had the same China policy (economic capitulation) for the last 30 years. And everyone agrees that blowing up villagers with drones is a swell way to win friends and influence people. Global warming? Hah. Evidently teachers unions, bayonets and horses are more relevant to foreign policy.

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That’s Debatable

Liberal crowing that the President “kicked ass” tonight are almost as pathetic as their claims his abysmal performance in Denver was part of some secret plan to lull Mitt Romney into a false sense of security. Romney looked about the same tonight; Obama only looked good by comparison with his previous phoned-in performance. That being said, given the volatile nature of the polling (something that frankly surprised me after the first debate), tonight’s showing should add to the slight uptick out of the tank Obama has been very recently enjoying.

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Debate Slackin’

Didn’t liveblog this one.  Sorry.  Think Progress did a good job, so I’ll just rip them off.  And what is the deal with McCain sticking out his tongue?

UPDATE:  The Great & Powerful Kos is reporting that Obama won the CBS debate instapoll.  I see that CNN is reporting the same thing, also that Obama’s favorables went up, while McCain’s went down.

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Liveblogging the Next Debate

I’m a big fan of town-hall formats.  As I have said before, any candidate who cannot answer live unscripted questions from an unscreened audience doesn’t deserve to be elected dog-catcher.  Obviously, McCain enters this debate way behind the eight ball.  The conventional wisdom seems to be that he can’t go negative in such a format.  I think that remains to be seen.  As usual, I’m watching this on PBS since it is the least annoying, David Brooks notwithstanding.


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Afterblogging the Debate

Expectations on Palin had been lowered so much all she had to was avoid drooling to exceed them.  I’m starting to wonder if the McCain camp deliberately leaked those stories about her tanking in practice debates.  Aided in part by the format, she managed a good performance, and Biden avoided his usual penchant for verbal diarrhea and the obvious pitfalls of appearing condescending or disrespectful.  Politics aside, I found Palin extremely off-putting, and it wasn’t just her tinny nasal Midwestern twang.  When I watched replays on the TV at the gym, without the sound, she struck me as arrogant, smug and self-righteous.  Basically, she reminded me of Arlene Wohlgemuth.

UPDATE:  Palin’s debate notes leaked!

John McCain’s Busy Day

After breezing into Washington and blundering like the proverbial bull in the China shoppe into delicate negotiations over the economic crisis (caused according to the GOP by too many brown people getting homes), McCain arrived in Mississippi to focus the full force of his condescension and contempt on Barack Obama.  Obama, for his part, used the Rovian tactic of hitting his opponent where he was allegedly strong–foreign policy–though for my mind he could have gone farther.  The consensus of the punditocracy was that it was a draw, which means an Obama win.  The polls universally favor Obama.  Wampum chews over the debate and what Obama should have said.

Liveblogging the Debate

Good opening by Obama.  Good Lord but McCain is an awful public speaker!  The House Republicans were part of the solution?  In what parallel universe?  Obama continues to hang Dubya around McCain’s neck like the proverbial albatross.  McCain just signed on to the bailout.  “Alot of us saw this trainwreck coming”?  Then while the hell didn’t they do anything about it?  “What’s good for Wall Street, but not what’s good for Main Street,” good line.  Obama is hitting the “little guy” argument hard, good for him.  Jim Lehrer seems beffudled as he tries to get the two candidates to mix it up.  Uhm, the former members of Congress currently in prison are all Republicans, my friends.  “We can’t afford another four.”  Impressed that Obama mentioned the difference between the tax rate on paper and the taxes corporations actually pay.  McCain (more…)