The Solid South

More data indicating the Republican Party has become a stunted, regional party.  Unfortunately, it happens to be in the region I live in…

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Scaling Back?

A Washington Post article suggests Obama may be scaling down his healthcare reform proposal, with the idea that half a loaf is better than no loaf going into the 2010 mid-terms.  While this might make sense strategically, anything less than a whole loaf will be universally trumpeted in the MSM & Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus as a total, crushing defeat.  If the article is accurate, it points up Obama’s major weakness: his touchingly naive belief in bipartisanship.  He seems to genuinely believe there are Republicans of good conscience who will put aside ideology and work with him for the good of the nation.  There aren’t.  Having been pounded in two straight elections, Republicans have no idea what they are FOR but they do know what they are AGAINST: anything associated with Obama.  The President could adopt Ronald Reagan’s platform tomorrow verbatim and Rush Limbaugh would denounce it as “socialism” and Glenn Beck who wail that it was “just like Nazi Germany.”  The smaller the GOP gets, the meaner and crazier it gets, to the extent that a majority refuse to believe that Obama was born in America!  Does this sound like the kind of people who are going to listen to reason?  Any Republican member of Congress that might even think of cooperating risks being challenged by the inmates who are running the asylum.  This also means that liberals who want comprehensive healthcare reform need to lay off the Blue Dogs; without any Republican support, Obama has to have them to get anything done.


2008 may or may not have been 1932 (and I’m inclined to think it was not), but the GOP seems determined to make 2012 into 1964.  Insert your own political analogy here:

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