It Sucks To Be Boehner


John Boehner has, for all intents and purposes, been deposed by Ted Cruz as Speaker of the House in a (so far) bloodless coup. The Lunatic Fringe caucus of his party takes its orders from Cruz, leaving him powerless to extricate himself from the shutdown debacle Cruz got him into in the first place, even though he clearly has the votes to end this. How crazy is the Lunatic Fringe Caucus, you may ask? Crazy enough that even Grover “Drown the government in the bathtub” Norquist thinks they’re crazy. Uncharacteristically, Obama and the Democrats are standing firm and Republicans are taking huge hits in the polls. You have to work pretty hard at it to get a 10% approval rating. What’s the solution? If this trainwreck continues for a month, Democrats and a few sane Republicans can force a vote through a discharge petition, which will also likely be the final nail in the coffin of the Boehner speakership. It could also provide momentum for Democrats to retake the House, though they still have a high hurdle to overcome thanks to gerrymandering. Unless something changes dramatically, this seems like the most likely scenario to me.


Thanks for All the Votes, Suckers!

Is it humanly possible for Rick Perry to come across as more of a smug prick?  He knows that he can now say or do damn near anything–destroy education in this state, raise taxes while accepting a public tongue-bath from Grover Norquist, bite the heads off kittens on live television–because the majority of voters in Texas have clearly signaled they don’t give a rat’s ass about anything other than preventing illegal aliens from getting gay married under Sharia law and then having abortions.  So thanks, Texas voters!  Great job!

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