Getting the Word Out

A new Kaiser Poll indicates that support for healthcare reform is still stronger as individual parts than it is as a whole and that the public in general still feels uninformed about the issue.  This might have something to do with 12 straight months of insane propaganda against the bill and very little effort by the MSM to objectively explain what was in it.  It also suggests that Democrats are better served by getting out and explaining the benefits of HCR instead of just fighting against the Monster Raving Loony Party’s conspiracy theorizing and fear-mongering.  So far, voting for HCR seems to have helped House Democrats raise money, if nothing else.  And what could compare to hearing Sue Lowden (MRLP running against Harry Reid in Nevada) advocate paying your healthcare bill with live chickens?

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Repeal, Replace, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

A recent poll by CNN (and therefore suspect, since they are pawns of Islamofascocommuninaziobamacare) has 50% wanting to keep HCR as is or expand it, with 47% supporting “repeal and replace.”  Under new Republic Party guidelines, therefore, the GOP wants to destroy democracy and institute a totalitarian regime.

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“Win” or “Lose”?

I recently had a discussion on Facebook with a self-described conservative who shares the Right Wing conventional wisdom that passing HCR is “suicide” for the Democrats.  I ask him what would constitute “victory” in his mind for the mid-term elections and he replied, nothing less than a “fiscally conservative” majority in Congress.  To his credit, he did not buy into the ludicrous idea that Republicans can win enough seats to repeal HCR.  Along the same lines, Nate Silver has a good analysis of the history of mid-term elections, the ideological makeup of the current Congress, and how it might shift based on the election results.  Of course, keep ion mind that ANY Democratic losses in November will inevitably be described by the MSM, to say nothing of the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus, as an irredeemable defeat, “Waterloo,” etc. etc.

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Limbaugh, FTW!!

Bloated, drug-addled narcissist threatens to leave country if “socialist” health care reform passes…and move to a country with a socialist health care system.  That’ll show us, Rush-bo!  Perhaps next he’ll protest illegal immigration by moving to Mexico.

The Great and Powerful Kos suggests a country with a more libertarian approach to healthcare.

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Column for 28 February, 2010


 “In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed.  In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  –Genesis 15:13

There are a few hopeful signs that Barack Obama and the Democrats are starting to realize that they are actually in charge of the government now and are expected to govern.  First, coming off a well-received State of the Union Address, Barack Obama was handed an opportunity on a silver platter:  House Republicans invited him to a caucus meeting, where he proceeded to school them on live national television.  I expect the GOP will be somewhat better prepared at the Health Care Summit; at the very least they will keep twits like Jeb Hensarling away from the microphones.  Second, Senate Democrats have evidently discovered that 59 votes out of a hundred constitutes a majority.  Third, politically tone-deaf big health insurance companies chose precisely the wrong moment to announce massive rate hikes while simultaneously posting record profits, thereby reminding people who have been cool to reform so far just why they despise big health insurance companies.  And yet, it’s taken a year and a humiliating defeat in the Massachusetts Senate (more…)

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Turns out, Republicans really aren’t the least bit interested in negotiating healthcare reform!  Who knew?

Why, one might be tempted to think they are really nothing more than a gang of obstructionist hypocrites.

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I Got Your Message Right Here, Pal

Former Obama voters who supported Scott Brown say the Senate healthcare bill “doesn’t go far enough” by a 3-2 margin.  Obama voters who stayed home in the special election, voting with their feet, agree 6-1.  And an astonishing 80% of all voters still want a public option.

Is anyone listening?

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Whine & Cheese

  1. Tom Coburn may have secured the BCS (Batshit Crazy Senator) crown for Oklahoma;
  2. Mitch McConnell has a short memory; and
  3. Judd Gregg joins the Bedwetter Brigade.

This is not a perfect bill by any stretch of the imagination.  It’s not even the best bill Obama could have gotten had Harry Reid decided to man-up and fight like a Republican.  That having been said, it’s further than anyone has gotten in 40 years and that’s saying something.

Senate Arcanum

An interesting overview of the convoluted, Byzantine rules by which the Greatest Deliberative Body in the World operates and how they might apply to the healthcare reform debate.  It’s a bitter irony that Democrats loved these rules when they were in the minority and Republicans bitterly denounced them as “undemocratic” and “unconstitutional.”  What a difference two elections make.

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The State of the Debate

Good article from Nate Silver on the various threats to Health Care Reform from the Right and the Left.

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