Trump Agonistes, Part 2

So I’ll freely admit to being surprised that Trump wasn’t quite as batshit crazy as I thought he’d be. No doubt that creepy, sniffly, stalkery performance was his idea of subtlety. Maybe if this had been the Trump we saw at the first debate (an asshole, but not a dangerously unhinged asshole) he wouldn’t be in free fall now. But it’s pretty clear after last night’s checklist of long discredited conspiracy theories, he’s only interested in his base now, which mercifully for the Republic is not nearly enough to win. It’s also clear that the campaign is being run pretty much exclusively by the Neo-Nazi (they prefer “altright”) Breitbart wing of the far lunatic fringe. 

As the Trumpkins turn their fury on Boy Speaker Paul Ryan, and the GOP’s idea of good news is that their nominee has never sexually assaulted his campaign manager and their vice presidential nominee isn’t quitting, the big remaining question is what happens on November 9? Since it’s looking increasingly likely that Hillary will win in a landslide, what will Trump do? It seems completely out of character for him to throw himself on his fainting couch and poutily concede like Romney. Would he simply refuse to concede, concession speeches being a gentlemanly tradition of the sort he normally shits on anyway? Or would he go full Robert Mugabe and insist he’s really the president? As bizarre as this election has been, there’s almost nothing outside the realm of possibility, from him forming a “shadow cabinet” ensconced in Orthanc to him actively encouraging his legions of Frogmen to “take back” the White House or disrupt the inauguration. And here’s where we get into the danger zone. I can’t see his fat keyboard kommando twitter-warriors storming a barricade but what about a handful of deranged lunatics? Lone wolves? I have to admit, the thought worries me. It’s replaced the the dread that a moron like Trump might get his tiny hands on nuclear weapons, but it hasn’t diminished.

How far will he go?

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  1. No matter how large Hillary’s margin of victory, the MSM will deny it’s a “mandate”
  2. No matter how large Hillary’s margin of victory, Republicans will claim it was due to “voter fraud”
  3. Sometime between Election Day and her Inauguration, congressional Republicans will announce they intend to reflexively and unanimously oppose anything and everything Hillary proposes
  4. Republicans will do something of unprecedented partisan stupidity early on: disrupt the official counting of the electoral vote, try to block all Cabinet appointees, refuse to invite her to Congress for her first SOTU. Something.
  5. This something will be quickly explained by the MSM as “just the way both sides act these days”
  6. Assuming they keep the House, Republicans will announce a new investigation of Hillary’s Benghazi emails to Bill Clinton’s half brother
  7. They will NOT confirm Merrick Garland
  8. Early in her presidency, Republicans will try to force Congressional Democrats to do something craven, like the absolutely cowardly “defunding” of ACORN
  9. On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, it will become the received wisdom of the Republican Party that Donald Trump was a liberal Democrat and lost because he wasn’t conservative enough
  10. No matter how large Hillary’s margin of victory, Republicans will not learn a goddam thing.
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Wherein I Respectfully Disagree

I disagree with the notion that Hillary Clinton has no responsibility to answer for Bill Clinton’s policies for two reasons:

1) He’s a former Democratic President who made policy decisions (NAFTA, Welfare Reform, the Crime Bill) that are still affecting the country today. It’s altogether fitting and proper to ask the current nominee of the Democratic Party whether she agrees with those policies, whether they’ve proven to be mistakes over time, and what if anything she would change about them. And;

2) Hillary Clinton was never a traditional First Lady. She was, and was presented to the public as, a trusted policy advisor to Bill. She was in charge of his disastrous healthcare reform effort. Just like any other former Clinton Administration figure, it’s entirely right both to hold her accountable for his policies she agreed with and press her on which of his policies she would change, if any.

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Doing the Impossible 


Trey Gowdy and his clownshow of a committee actually managed to make Hillary Clinton look sympathetic 

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The Select Committee on Getting Hillary


UNITED STATES - JULY 31: Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., speaks with the media on the East Front of the Capitol after a vote in the House, July 31, 2014. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

UNITED STATES – JULY 31: Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., speaks with the media on the East Front of the Capitol after a vote in the House, July 31, 2014. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

As we wait for Hillary Clinton to testify before the Benghazi! Committee, it’s worth this long read to see just how, precisely, this “investigation” is a gigantic steaming pile of horseshit.

UPDATE: Some more reasons why the Benghazi! Committee is not only bad, it’s potentially harmful long term to the tradition of Congressional oversight

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Reality Bites

I like Bernie Sanders. A lot. He’s blunt, honest, incorruptible, and utterly sincere.

But he’s not going to win.

And if he did win, nothing would change. The change he wants, and which I very much agree the country desperately needs, is not going to happen in the post-Citizens United era. Not. Going. To. Happen.

The only way any fundamental change will come is if a new Supreme Court abolishes the plutocracy it created. There isn’t going to be a Constitutional Amendment fix in our lifetimes. It would never pass Congress, not a chance. And the only way to get a new SCOTUS is to nominate someone who can not only win, not only carry the senate, but who has the arm-twisting realpolitik outlook it takes to get results, shorn of any sentimentality or wishful thinking. The only person who has a chance of doing that is Hillary.

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Why I’m Voting for Hillary

Perfectly reasoned article and absolutely correct in just about every way. Absent a political miracle of Biblical proportions, Republicans will control the House after the 2016 elections. Chances are good, they’ll control it until after the 2020 redistricting. And chances are good it will be the Monster Raving Loony wing driving the clown car. In such a scenario, you don’t need a dreamer; you need a tough political infighter with a short shiv. You need someone who knows “bipartisanship ” is saying “nice doggy” while you reach behind you for a rock. That’s why I supported Hillary in 2008; unlike Obama, she had no naive illusions that Republicans were interested in anything besides epic obstructionism. Right after his election, Obama made it clear that he wouldn’t kick a man when he’s down; Hillary knows the BEST time to kick a man is when he’s down. Kick him in the balls hard enough and he won’t get back up. That’s how you do politics.

Would I prefer an actual liberal like Bernie to yet another Democratic Leisure Class, “free” trade Wall Street coddler? Hell yes! But this is politics, the art of the possible. Maybe that’s not a very hopeful or even flattering reason to support a candidate but hey, times are tough all over.

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Nate Silver, the man who introduced math to political polling, is giving the Republicans a slight edge to control the Senate in 2015. I can see one of two results if that happens: one, we get two more years like the last four of gridlock and political impotence; two, the Loony Wing is ascendant and we see impeachment hearings. In either event, I suspect the party will be short-lived and will end with Hillary Clinton pounding Ted Cruz or Rand Paul in 2016.

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It’s The End of the World As We Know It

The US Supreme Court is poised to formally cede control of the American democratic process to large, unaccountable corporations and special interest group.  The ruling could potentially allow these groups to dump millions of dollars into elections, while denying voters the right to even know where the money came from.  This is the natural result of the disastrous Buckley v. Valeo decision:  if money = “free speech,” then those who have more money have more rights, creating a two-class system.  Or, to put it another way, it’s the Golden Rule:  them that has the gold makes the rules.

Fire this Moron

What a complete and utter idiot!  Someone this moronic has no business even being allowed on the White House tour, let alone working as a presidential speechwriter.  So, Jon Favreau, from a Hillary Clinton delegate, thanks SO much for your frat-boy drunken escapades that have spit in the face of ALL of us who defended Barack Obama against charges of institutional sexism.  You tool!

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