Great Moments in Democracy

Nothing like watching United States Senators from both parties fall all over themselves to lick the boots of bankster Jamie Dimon, with the slight exception of Merkley and Martinez. Why, just imagine if this was Iceland, where they actually prosecute bank frauds who trash the economy AND the politicians they bought and paid for? Imagine!

UPDATE:  From the Great & Powerful Kos, a handy chart showing show of the best moments in brown-nosing organized by how much money Jamie Dimon, Superstar, bestowed upon each Senator telling him how much his ass smelled like a rose.

Conservative Hypocrisy Watch

More top Congressional Republicans who not only denounced the Stimulus while begging for money from it, but also admitted that the Stimulus created jobs.  How, exactly, are Democrats losing to these clowns?

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To The Suprise of No One…

Right Wingers seeking to blame Obama for the failed underwear bomber are hypocrites who voted against funding for the TSA, blocked appointment of a new head for the TSA, and were apparently just fine with the Bush Administration turning over al Qaeda leaders to Saudi Arabia for “art therapy.”  And, as expected, Right Wing bedwetters are taking to the mediasphere to bewail the fact that America’s court system is evidently now incapable of handling cases that Spanish, British and Indonesian courts have repeatedly handled.