The Asshole Caucus



Good and fairly objective article on the secretive House Freedom Caucus. It makes the excellent point that the rift between this faction and “The Establishment” has less to do with ideology than tactics. The HFC is perfectly willing to cause the entire Federal government to grind to a halt, or wreck the economy, just to make a political point. Unlike, say, John Boehner, they either think the majority of Americans will applaud this or (equally  likely) they just don’t care.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Implosion of the House…

but were afraid to ask.

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Don’t Cry for Me, John Boehner

Lawyers, Guns & Money on Boehner’s political obituary  and why there’s really nothing to be sorry about.

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Another One Bites The Dust

Hard to summon up much sympathy for Eric Cantor, the smarmy little prick.

Also hard to disagree with this analysis about what his defeat means in the larger political context, especially the night sweats John Boehner must be experiencing right about now. He has to be asking himself, “Is this shit really worth it anymore?”

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It Sucks To Be Boehner


John Boehner has, for all intents and purposes, been deposed by Ted Cruz as Speaker of the House in a (so far) bloodless coup. The Lunatic Fringe caucus of his party takes its orders from Cruz, leaving him powerless to extricate himself from the shutdown debacle Cruz got him into in the first place, even though he clearly has the votes to end this. How crazy is the Lunatic Fringe Caucus, you may ask? Crazy enough that even Grover “Drown the government in the bathtub” Norquist thinks they’re crazy. Uncharacteristically, Obama and the Democrats are standing firm and Republicans are taking huge hits in the polls. You have to work pretty hard at it to get a 10% approval rating. What’s the solution? If this trainwreck continues for a month, Democrats and a few sane Republicans can force a vote through a discharge petition, which will also likely be the final nail in the coffin of the Boehner speakership. It could also provide momentum for Democrats to retake the House, though they still have a high hurdle to overcome thanks to gerrymandering. Unless something changes dramatically, this seems like the most likely scenario to me.


Boehner vs. Cruz: Douchebagmageddon

Ted Cruz is well on his way towards cementing his title as not only the biggest douchebag currently serving in Congress, but the biggest douchebag to ever serve (though he still has stiff competition from Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms). And now John Boehner (the most politically impotent douchebag in Congress) is calling him on his insane Kool-aid-besodden dream of shutting down the government in order to “defund” Obamacare.

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Boehner to People With Preexisting Conditions: DROP DEAD

I don’t know why this would surprise anyone, but the Republics aren’t the least bit interested in “replacing” Obamacare. All they are interested in is killing it, including all the provisions that keep insurance companies from screwing you. If you vote Republic this November, you are voting to allow insurance companies to continue screwing you. It’s as simple as that.

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The Jobs Speech

A liberal critique of President Obama’s recent jobs speech.

From my perspective, I have never doubted the ability of this president to give great speech; my problem has always been with his follow-up.  Is this going to be yet another instance where he takes a stand and almost immediately caves on it?  I have a hard time imagining this particular president pulling a Harry Truman.  The fact that he wasn’t even willing to stand up to Boehner on the date of the speech doesn’t exactly leave me all hopey and changey inside.

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The Republic Party & FOX “News”…

…but I repeat myself.  The FOX Old Party is shipping around a story to explain why McConnell and Boehner are too chicken to meet with President Obama right away.  Of course, they are lying.  Besides, our new corporate overlords have more important things to do, like making sure the economy stays in the ditch through November of 2012.

In other news, Arizona continues to be a national embarrassment.

You Can See Where This Is Headed

Overwhelming majorities want the Republicans to compromise.

Republicans are publicly committed to NEVER compromise, ever, on any issue.

Therefore, come January of 2011, the MSM will be full of Very Serious People opining that Obama should “move to the middle.”